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Currently Available Coupons
CM Luna 03/09/2023


Greetings from the Summoners War: Chronicles team!


Below is the list of currently available coupons.

Keep an eye out as new and expired coupons will be continuously updated in this notice.


Please check below for the list of currently available coupons!



▌Currently Available Coupons


Available Coupons List

Coupon Code




★5 Devilmon x1

★5 Rainbowmon x4



Unknown Scroll x10
Water Scroll x1
Fire Scroll x1
Wind Scroll x1



Normal EXP Potion x100
Essence of Magic x80
Essence of Wind x40
Essence of Fire x40
Essence of Waterx40


Premium EXP Potion x30
Breath of Life x100
Angelmon (Water) x1
Angelmon (Fire) x1
Angelmon (Wind) x1



Sky Stone x5000
4★ Hero Rune Box x3
5★ Hero Rune Box x1
4★ Devilmon x1



Useful Yarn Ball x15
Energy of Harmony Piece x3
Energy of Transcendence Piece x3
Energy of Chaos Piece x3



[How to Find and Copy your CS Code]
1. Tap the Settings button in the main menu.
2. Find the CS Code in Settings - Account.
3. Use [Copy CS Code] to copy the CS Code.
4. Use [Paste] on the coupon page to enter the CS Code.


[How to Use Coupons]
▶ Android, PC, STEAM, Google Play PC
1. Log in to Game → Menu → News (Megaphone icon).
2. Tap [Coupon Exchange]. [GO]
3. Enter the coupon code to claim the reward.


▶ iOS
1. The CS Code can be found and copied in Settings.
2. Go to the Coupon Exchange page. [GO]
3. Enter the CS Code and coupon code and tap Use Coupon.
4. Select the server to receive the reward.
5. Log in to the game and check the reward in the Inbox.


※ Precautions
- Rewards will be sent to the selected region and server upon using a coupon.
- Rewards cannot be claimed if sent to a server with no characters created.
- Each coupon can only be used once per account.
- You can enter the coupon code in-game on Android, PC, STEAM, and Google Play Games on PC.
- The coupon code must be entered on the coupon page for iOS devices.
- Rewards will be stored in the Inbox for 90 days. Expired or deleted items cannot be restored.
- Items may appear in your Inbox later than normal depending on the network status.
 Please restart the game and tap the Shop button if you don't see the reward in your Inbox.



More coupon events are on their way.

Please stay tuned!


Thank you.

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