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Serena's Special Guide

Power Up with CM Serena (Part 4. Mid Game Monster Development)
CM Serena 03/14/2023


Greetings from CM Serena of <Summoners War: Chronicles>!


We discussed early game development tips for Monsters and Summoners in the previous episodes.


If you followed all the steps we introduced for the growth, you should have reached at least 200k PWR or more.


In this episode, we'll guide you on ways to develop the Monster from 200k PWR onward.


Please read below for more details.



Power Up with CM Serena (Part 4. Mid-Game Monster Development)


📌 1. Monster Development After Reaching 200k PWR


If you have checked Serena's Tips on early-game Monster development

and consistently developed your Monsters and Summoner,

you should have reached at least 200k PWR.


At this point, after completing all of the [Rahil Kingdom Story] main quests in Rukurangma,

It's time to find additional ways to develop for the Elite Raid: Foggy Prison.


In order to reach the recommended PWR of 225k for the Elite Raid: Foggy Prison,

you first need to focus on developing your Monsters even further.


First of all, if you have been following the tips for obtaining development resources every day,

as introduced in the previous guide, you should have accumulated enough resources for additional development, awakening, and evolution.

So it is important to reach the maximum growth for all 3 main Monsters you use.


Additionally, if you are using 3/4★ Monsters, fewer awakening and evolution resources are required compared to 5★ Monsters.

So if you have enough resources, it is recommended to evolve them

to the maximum level of 70 and the maximum awakening level of 15 to boost their PWR.

* Please note that 10/40 pieces of the same type/attribute as the Monster

are required for awakening Lv. 14 / Lv. 15 of 4★ Monsters, respectively. (Total of 50 pieces)


If your Monsters have already reached Lv. 70 and Lv.15 awakening but are still under 240k PWR,

it's time to proceed with skill level-up, Rune farming, and Rune enhancement, as Runes are basically the equipment for your Monster!


① Monster Skill Level Up

There is a Monster development tip that wasn't covered in the previous guide.


The resources used for this development method are Monster pieces of the same Monster type.

We had to save this guide for the mid-game as it is difficult to obtain multiple pieces of the same Monster.


As for 3/4★ Monsters, they have 3 skills, including the basic attack, 

and they either enhance their skills or gain a new skill at Lv. 5 awakening.


5★ Monsters have 2 additional skills besides their basic attack.

Depending on their Lv. 5 awakening, they enhance their skill effect and ultimate skill,

and some Monsters gain passive skills.

* Some Monsters gain a skill, resulting in having 5 skills in total.


Monster's skill level can be upgraded using Gold and 10 Monster pieces of the same type or 1 Devilmon.

* Pieces of the same Monster can be used to level up the skill, regardless of the attribute.

e.g.) Garuda (Fire, Wind) pieces can be used to upgrade Garuda (Water)'s skill.

* 3/4★ Monsters require a considerably lower amount of Gold for skill level-up.

(Gold required for 1 skill level up: 3★ Monster - 3,000 Gold / 4★ Monster - 10,000 Gold / 5★ Monster - 50,000 Gold)


To reach the max. skill level, 3★ Monsters require 180 pieces of the same Monster,

4★ Monsters require 180 pieces of the same Monster or 18 4★ Devilmons.

* To fully level up the skills of a 5★ Monster,

 200 pieces of the same Monster or 20 5★ Devilmons are needed.


When leveling up a skill, a random skill that is yet to be upgraded fully will be leveled up

instead of selecting a desired skill on your own.

* As a result, the desired skill may not be selected for the level-up,

but if you have enough Restoration Stones, you can use them to refund the resources and try to level-up again.


If you've completed leveling up the skills of the 3/4★ Monsters you mainly use,

you can increase the total PWR by 9k to 12k, as you will gain 3k - 4k PWR for each Monster.


Monster pieces of the same type and Devilmons required for Monster skill level-ups can be obtained in the following way.


⑴ How to Obtain Devilmon

Devilmon is an item used to upgrade 4/5★ Monster skills.

4★ Devilmons are used for 4★ Monster skill upgrades, and 5★ Devilmons are used for 5★ Monster skill upgrades.


Devilmon can be obtained in various ways.


Firstly, the easiest and most accessible way to obtain Devilmon is through events.


If you participate in [Devilmon's Special Mission] event,

which consists of Devilmons as rewards, you can obtain a total of 7 5★ Devilmons.


Serena has made a thorough list of places where you can get the Devilmons!



Reward Item

Devilmon’s Special Mission Event

5★ Devilmon x7

Clear Trial of Ascension 200F (Easy)

5★ Devilmon x1

Clear Trial of Ascension 180F (Hard)

5★ Devilmon x1

Clear Spires of Ascension 100F

5★ Devilmon x1

Reach Account Lv. 54

5★ Devilmon x1

Reach Account Lv. 98

5★ Devilmon x1

Area Exploration [Casslan]

→ Complete all quests

5★ Devilmon x1

Area Exploration [Casslan] 

→ Complete Trial of Darkness: Story 2

5★ Devilmon x1

Collection Challenge

5★ Devilmon x1

Arena Shop → Challenge Shop

5★ Devilmon x4 (Can purchase 1 per week)

4★ Devilmon x12(Can purchase 3 per week)

Moon Shadow Shop(Battlefield)

Purchase available depending on the rank

Guild Request Event

5★ Devilmon x1

(If completed within the event period)

Some package products

Available from some package products

* A total of 9 5★ Devilmons can be obtained if you purchase both Devilmon PackageⅠand Devilmon Package Ⅱ.

* You can also obtain Devilmons by participating in various new events.

* These are the most common ways to obtain them, with the exception of obtaining them through guild request events and some package purchases. Please note that they may be one-time or available only during certain periods/seasons.


⑵ How to Obtain Monster Pieces of the Same Monster

The fastest way to acquire the duplicate Monster pieces is through Summons.


You can summon Monsters by obtaining Mystical Scrolls by playing

or purchasing packages that include scrolls.

If you summon the same type of Monster, you can easily acquire duplicate Monster pieces.

* You can increase your chances of summoning a 5★ Monster

if you make good use of the Altar's Blessing or special ongoing pick-up events!


In addition, you can obtain a significant amount of Unknown Scrolls for completing some repeat requests,

which can be used to get 1 - 4★ Monster pieces!


② How to Obtain Runes

Runes are similar to equipment for your Monsters, and each Monster can equip up to 6 Runes.


In the early game, basic Runes were obtained from the [Rahil Kingdom Story] and [Area Exploration],

and helped you progress through the quests.


Once you've completed all of the [Rahil Kingdom Story] quests,

It's time to start focusing on obtaining better Runes.


A Rune's ability can vary depending on the star grade and grade,

but ultimately, it comes down to the properties that the Rune provides.


With a good Rune setup, even 3/4★ Monsters can be used effectively in later stages of the game.

* e.g. Wind Pixie with max. awakening, evolution, and skill levels can reach 35k to 36k PWR,

but with the right Runes, it can increase to 80k PWR or more.


Once you reach over 200k PWR, you can start obtaining Hero or Legend Runes

by completing Path of Growth - Path of Training Lv. 13 - 14.

The Runes you obtain from here will become the base of your Rune settings.


Currently, there are 12 types of Runes in Chronicles, each with its own set effect.

* Additional Runes may be added, or the effects of existing Runes may be changed through updates.


[Types of Runes and Set Effects]


Set Effect


Set of 2: MAX HP +15%


Set of 2: DEF +15%


Set of 2: CRIT Rate +12%


Set of 4: CRIT DMG +40%


Set of 4: ATK +35%


Set of 4: ATK SPD +25%


Set of 2: ACC +15%


Set of 2: RES +15%


Set of 2: Evasion +15%


Set of 2: Precision +15%


Set of 4: 17% Chance of Stun with Skill Hit


Set of 4: Drain +25%

* If a ""set of 2"" is required for the Rune's set effect,

you can receive the same 3 set effects when you equip all 6 Runes of the same type.

e.g.) Equipping 6 Blade Runes will increase the Monster's CRIT Rate by 36%


With so many types of Runes and properties available,

it can be difficult to decide which Runes to use and which properties to prioritize.

To help you decide, CM Serena has prepared some helpful tips.

* Please note that evaluations of each Rune may vary from player to player.

These tips are based on CM Serena's game experience to help you choose Runes more easily.



[CM Serena's Rune Selection Tips]

STEP 1. Understand which properties are available for each Rune number.

- Runes come in numbers 1 to 6, and some come with fixed main properties.

Rune #1/3/5 come with fixed properties of ATK/DEF/HP, respectively.

Since the main property for these Runes is fixed, you can choose based on the sub properties.


Runes #2/4/6 have different main properties.

Before seeking the Runes you want, please keep in mind that

sub properties that are the same as the main property will not appear.

e.g.) If the main property for Rune #2 is ATK %, the same effect will not appear on the sub property.


Additionally, Rune #4 can increase CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG,

and Rune #6 can increase ACC for their main properties.

Knowing these can also help with your Rune setup.

* Please note that the maximum increase in values may vary depending on the property.


STEP 2. Choose Runes based on your Monster's position.

It is recommended to choose Runes based on your Monster's position.


If you were to choose Runes for your Monster in a damage-dealer position,

equipping Rage Runes and Blade Runes will increase the Monster's CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG,

resulting in a more powerful attack.


However, Monsters' max. value for CRIT Rate is 100% and 400% for CRIT DMG,

so it is highly important to check these values when setting up the Runes.

* Using a damage-dealer Monster as an example, 

increase CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate using Rage and Blade Runes,

and choose a main property of CRIT DMG for Rune #4 to boost CRIT DMG by over 200%.


STEP 3. Equip Runes based on skills

Some Monster skills deal damage or recover ally HP based on the value of certain stats.


That said, even if it's a damage-dealer Monster, if it has Bleed or Poison in its skill description,

using Runes with ACC sub properties will make the harmful effects land on enemies more effectively.


If a healer Monster recovers HP based on MAX HP,

equipping it with Runes with an HP property will greatly increase the amount of recovery.



For damage-dealer Monsters, it is recommended to boost its power by using a combination of Rage and Blade Runes.

As for healer Monsters, it is recommended to use Energy Rune as the base setup.


[Rune set for Each Monster Position]

#Damage-dealer Monster: 4 Rage Runes, 2 Blade Runes

※ Prioritized Property: ATK % increase - CRIT DMG UP - CRIT Rate UP - Select according to the skill

# Healer Monster: 6 Energy Runes (3 sets of Energy)

※ Prioritized Property: HP % increase - Select according to the skill


Based on these tips, the ways to obtain Runes are as follows."


⭐️ [How to Obtain Runes]


Most Runes can be obtained by playing Path of Growth - Path of Adventure. 

* Despair/Vampire Runes are not available from the Path of Adventure and can only be obtained from Elite: Twisted Marsh.


You can play up to 18 times with 6 free entries and 12 additional entries using 550 Crystals.

If you have purchased the Summoner Pass Premium Reward, you can get double rewards for 6 entries.


In addition, you can obtain 12 additional Path of Growth Tickets every week

by purchasing them from the Shop - Growth/Evolution with 500 Crystals.


You can also obtain additional Path of Growth Tickets by completing daily missions every day.

So playing all the Chronicles content diligently every day is the easiest way to help you obtain the Runes.


③ Upgrading Runes

Rune upgrade consists of 3 main ways: Enhancement, Apply Effect, and Enchanting.


Firstly, a Rune can be enhanced up to Lv. 15.

It is possible to enhance up to the highest level without failure with enough resources.


Rune enhancement consumes Rune Enhancement Stones and Sky Stones,

and the amount of resources used varies depending on the grade and star grade of the Rune.


Furthermore, additional sub properties appear according to the Rune's grade and enhancement level.

The total number of a Rune's sub property will be at 4 upon reaching the maximum enhancement level of 15.

* For Hero grade Runes, 3 sub properties are available from the beginning, and 1 additional sub property will be added upon reaching +12 enhancement.

* Legend grade Runes have all 4 sub properties available from the beginning.


The quantity of Rune Enhancement Stones and Sky Stones used for enhancement increases with each level.

Below is the list of resources consumed for each enhancement LV of 5★ Hero/Legend Runes, which are the ones that are mainly used.


5★ Hero Rune

Enhancement Level

















Rune Enhancement Stone

















Sky Stone


















5★ Legend Rune

Enhancement Level

















Rune Enhancement Stone

















Sky Stone


















If you take a look at the list above, you'll notice that 5★ Hero Runes consume Sky Stones as materials starting from +4,

and 5★ Legend Runes consume them from the beginning, gradually increasing the required amount.


Therefore, it is recommended to enhance 5★ Hero Runes to +10 and 5★ Legend Runes to +5 first, 

and proceed with additional enhancement when you obtain a better Rune.

* If you have enough enhancement resources,

we recommend enhancing up to +12 for 5★ Hero Runes to unlock the 4th sub property.


Most importantly, if you happen to acquire a Rune with the desired properties,

remember to lock the item right away to avoid mistakenly disassembling it.


Furthermore, if you have completed the desired Rune set,

you can save the Rune set in the preset to quickly equip it on another Monster anytime.


Next, let's talk about Apply Effect and Enchanting.


Apply Effect is a method of upgrading Runes by applying additional effects through Galaxy Stones.

Galaxy Stones are mainly crafted via Profession - Alchemy,

and Galaxy Stones of higher grades can be crafted as the level increases.


However, the effects from Galaxy Stones are applied completely randomly,

so please consider the effect and the Monster using the Rune before using the Galaxy Stone.

e.g.) For Runes to be used by damage-dealer Monsters, it is recommended to use Galaxy Stones that increase CRIT DMG or ATK %.


Enchanting is also a method of upgrading Runes by granting additional effects.

They can be crafted via Profession - Alchemy, the same as Galaxy Stones.


However, unlike Galaxy Stones, Spell Books come in ATK/DEF/Utility types.

ATK Spell Books can apply attack-related effects, such as ATK, CRIT DMG, CRIT Rate UP.

DEF Spell Books apply HP/DEF UP effects, and Utility consists of Spell Books that increase ACC/RES/Precision/Evasion/ATK SPD.


Same as Galaxy Stones, using these on Monsters that use Runes can increase their combat power even faster.


Both the Galaxy Stone and Spell Book can be crafted through Profession Skill - Alchemy.

Therefore, it is recommended to reach Alchemy Lv. 4 so you can craft Galaxy Stone (Mid).

* We recommend leveling up Processing to Lv. 4 as well, as it is required to reach Alchemy Lv. 4.



Galaxy Stones can be crafted from Alchemy Lv. 3, and Galaxy Stones of higher grades can be crafted as the level increases.

Spell Books can be crafted from Alchemy Lv. 1, starting with the ATK Spell Book, and Spell Books of higher grades can be crafted as the level increases.



These are the development tips for Summoners in their mid-game.


CM Serena has prepared a special coupon code as a sign of gratitude for reading this far.


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In the next episode, we'll guide you on how to increase your PWR even more through other ways, including equipment.


Thank you.

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