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Serena's Special Guide

Power Up with CM Serena (Part 5. Mid-Game Summoner Development)
GM Chronicles 03/14/2023


Greetings from CM Serena of <Summoners War: Chronicles>!


In our previous guide, we gave tips on how to develop Monsters in the mid-game after reaching 200k PWR.


In this episode, we'll provide a helpful guide on how to develop your Summoner after reaching 200k PWR.


Please read below for more details.



Power Up with CM Serena (Part 5. Mid-Game Summoner Development)


📌 1. Development for Summoners above 200k PWR


Once you reach 200k PWR, it is important for your Summoner to develop as much as your Monsters.

If you have already followed through with the previous guide on Summoner development, your Monsters should have reached level 60 and you may be looking for additional ways to develop.

Worry not, because CM Serena will guide you on how to develop your Summoner further!


① Summoner Transcendence


If your Summoner has reached level 60, it's time to transcend!

Kina, Orbia, and Cleaf can each transcend up to 5 levels, and the max. level increases by 2 per Transcendence level. (MAX level 70 available)

With each level of Transcendence, you can gain additional growth and acquire skill points from leveling up.


In order to transcend your Summoner, you'll need Energy of Harmony, Energy of Transcendence, Energy of Chaos, and Gold.


However, you don't need to collect tons of resources to transcend all Summoners.

If you transcend your main Summoner, you'll be able to transcend other Summoner characters for free.

*e.g.) If you mainly play Cleaf and transcended him up to Lv. 4, you can transcend Orbia and Kina up to Transcendence Lv. 4 for free when you decide to play them in the future.


Since Transcendence Lv. 1 doesn't require a lot of resources and lets you equip awakened weapons, it is recommended to proceed with Transcendence Lv. 1.

After that, you can continue playing content such as Path of Growth and Rupture to collect Transcendence resources and continue transcending your Summoner.

* If you continue to play every day, you should easily be able to reach Lv. 3 - 4.


Here are the ways to collect Energy of Harmony, Energy of Transcendence, and Energy of Chaos required for Summoner Transcendence.


⭐️ [How to Obtain Transcendence Resources]


⑴ Obtaining Through Gameplay


Transcendence resources can be obtained from Path of Growth, Rupture, and Special Expedition.

We recommend them in the following order: Rupture - Path of Growth - Special Expedition.

* While it's possible to obtain their pieces from repeat requests, the drop rate isn't very high. So it is recommended to proceed with other repeat requests (for Gold, Unknown Scrolls) for maximum efficiency.


As mentioned above, Rupture is the most recommended for obtaining Transcendence resources because it provides both energy pieces and intact energies. Therefore, we highly recommend playing Rupture every day.


You can get energy pieces from Path of Growth and Special Expedition.

You can craft a full energy with 5 energy pieces at Profession - Alchemy.

In order to create a full energy item, you need Alchemy Lv. 3.

* Energy of Harmony can be crafted at Alchemy Lv. 1, Energy of Transcendence at Alchemy Lv. 2, and Energy of Chaos at Alchemy Lv. 3.


However, as mentioned in the mid-game Monster development guide, it is recommended to raise your Alchemy level to at least 4 to craft not only the Transcendence resources but Galaxy Stones and Spell Books without any problems.


⑵ Obtaining Through Coin Shop


You can also obtain Transcendence materials from the Coin Shop.

You can purchase 2 energy items of each type per week for every Raid using Raid Coins at the Raid Shop.

Although Foggy Prison Coins may be the only coins you can get in the start, you'll be able to obtain other Raid Coins as you increase your PWR.

* When you obtain Seal Coins from playing Seal later on, you can also purchase Transcendence resources from the Seal Coin Shop as well.


② Equipment Acquisition and Upgrades


If you have been following CM Serena's development guide, you should be able to clear the higher stages of Path of Growth - Subjugation.

By continuously playing Subjugation, you will eventually obtain equipment with better options, which you can then replace your existing equipment with. Additionally, you will accumulate Subjugation Coins.


You can use the accumulated Subjugation Coins to purchase 5★ 1A Hero equipment and 5★ Legendary equipment from the Subjugation Coin Shop.

To obtain even better equipment, you can play Raids or craft them by using the Blacksmithing Profession skill.


By using the Blacksmithing Profession skill, you can upgrade 5★ Hero equipment to 5★ 1A Hero and even Legendary equipment.

However, you need Profession - Blacksmithing Lv. 5 to craft Legendary weapons.


Furthermore, since various ingots and lumber required for Blacksmithing can be obtained through Processing, it is recommended to reach Lv. 5 in both Blacksmithing and Processing.

* In case you run out of materials needed for promotion requests, you can gather or mine them, purchase them from the Exchange Center, or obtain them through Lizardman Exploration HQ.

* It's essential to level up your Blacksmithing Profession level as items obtained from Raids can be upgraded via Blacksmithing.


③ Crafting Outfits


Outfit crafting may seem unrelated to abilities at first, but the set effect obtained from it can significantly boost your PWR.

Outfits are divided into 4 parts: hairstyle, hair accessory, top, and bottom, and are classified as Rare, Hero, or Legend.


The set effect is applied when you craft all 4 pieces of an outfit.

Since the set effects are applied just by owning the outfit set, It is recommended to craft all available outfits whenever possible.


⑴ Obtaining Outfit Materials


Materials required for outfit crafting can be obtained through gameplay, exchanging them at the Coin Shop, or crafting them via profession skills.

If you are yet to play Raids, the most efficient way to craft outfits is to play Path of Growth, Cairos, and participate in the field events, as you can obtain the materials needed for crafting.

* Unique outfit materials can be obtained from each dungeon, such as Essence Dungeon, Subjugation, Path of Training, and Path of Adventure.

In total, there are 11 types of outfits that can be acquired from each dungeon.


⑵ Obtaining Yarn Balls


Yarn balls are essential materials required to craft any outfits.

Yarn balls come in 3 different grades: Rough Yarn Ball, Useful Yarn Ball, and Yarn Ball. 

Rare outfits require Rough Yarn Balls and Useful Yarn Balls to craft.


Therefore, we recommend leveling up the Processing profession skill to Lv. 4 to craft Useful Yarn Balls.

Crafting rare outfits via profession skills by playing Cairos and Path of Growth will greatly improve your PWR.


④ Power of Ascensions Enhancement


Power of Ascensions is a system that enables you to increase your PWR using the Knight's Shield and various tokens obtained from playing Trial of Ascension and Spires of Ascension.


⑴ Trial of Ascension


Trial of Ascension consists of 200 floors each, in Normal and Hard difficulties.

With over 200k PWR, you should be able to climb up to 150F (Normal) through controlling your party.

* Challenging bosses will appear at certain stages that require you to understand their attack patterns or use certain Monsters.


Trial of Ascension resets every 4 weeks.

Even if you cannot reach the top floor, we encourage you to challenge yourself to climb as high as possible each season to accumulate Knight's Shields.


⑵ Spires of Ascension


Compared to the Trial of Ascension, Spires of Ascension has a much higher recommended PWR and difficulty.

* With over 200k PWR, you should be able to reach around 30F.

To obtain tokens that are required to enhance the Power of Ascensions in Spires of Ascension, you must clear the challenge after each stage.


There are 3 challenges per floor, each requiring 3 additional plays to complete.

The challenges often require you to use Monsters of a specific attribute or class.


However, if you lack the resources to develop the necessary Monsters, there is no need to push yourself.

Since it is difficult to clear all floors in one attempt for both Trial of Ascension and Spires of Ascension, we recommend playing at your own pace.


⑶ Enhancing Power of Ascensions


After collecting the necessary resources from the Trial of Ascension and Spires of Ascension, you can enhance the Power of Ascensions.


The Power of Ascensions is divided into 4 categories: Immemorial Power, Summon Power, Alchemy Power, and Celestial Power.

Each category corresponds to Summoner growth, Monster growth, Recovery amount increase, and Attribute growth, respectively.


Since Power of Ascensions are related to your Summoner and Monsters and are most effective in increasing your PWR, we recommend enhancing Summon Power first, followed by Immemorial Power.

The remaining resources can be used on Alchemy Power or Celestial Power.

By investing in Summon Power and Immemorial Power, your PWR can increase by an average of 20k to 30k.


⑤ Obtaining Skill Points


In addition to leveling up the Summoner, Skill Points can be obtained through Magician's Research Log.

Magician's Research Logs can be mainly obtained by playing Expedition and Special Expedition.

Using Magician's Research Log will increase your Skill Points, allowing you to level up your skills.


Moreover, the Skill Points obtained through Magician's Research Log are shared with Cleaf, Orbia, and Kina.

Therefore, you can play with additional Skill Points by default when playing other Summoners in the future.




You can craft Magician's Research Log by using 5 Research Log Pieces in the Profession Skill - Alchemy.

However, you need to reach Alchemy Lv. 6 to craft it. So, it is recommended to focus on leveling up your Alchemy level.


Available Coupon List 

Coupon Code



Useful Yarn Ball x15
Energy of Harmony Piece x3
Energy of Transcendence Piece x3
Energy of Chaos Piece x3


This concludes the tips for mid-game Summoner growth.


Thank you.

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