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Serena's Special Guide

Power Up with CM Serena (Part 1. How to acquire Monsters in the Beginning)
CM Serena 03/09/2023


Greetings from CM Serena of <Summoners War: Chronicles>!


We have a special guide to help out with your adventure in the world of Chronicles!


This guide is about obtaining Monsters, one of the most important features of Summoners War: Chronicles.


Please read below for more details.



▌Power Up with CM Serena (Part 1. How to acquire Monsters in the Beginning)


📌 Obtaining Monsters


Monsters are a Summoner's best friend, hunting and clearing dungeons together!


In the early game, it's important to obtain Monsters and form a strong team to help you progress more easily.


Naturally, 5★ Monsters are stronger than 3★ or 4★ Monsters, and they're essential in late-game!


However, 5★ Monsters are harder to progress quickly as they use up more upgrade resources than 3/4★ Monsters.


That's why it's more useful to prioritize developing 3/4★ Monsters in the early game

since they use up fewer resources and are easier to obtain.

* Go for it if you have enough materials to develop a 5★ Monster! They're naturally stronger than 3/4★ Monsters.


Below are the recommended 3/4★ Monsters for the early game and how to obtain them!


[CM Serena's PICK - TOP 5 Monsters]


#3★ Pixie (Support) (Wind)

- A highly useful buffer that excels in all stages of the game. Uses debuff skills that reduce the enemy's ATK and DEF and skills that enhance ally ATK and DEF.


# 3★ Garuda (Knight) (Water)

- A Knight type Monster viable in the late game with the appropriate Runes. Uses skills that reduce Summoner/Monster skill cooldown and provides healing based on its HP.


# 3★ Fairy (Mage) (Fire)

- An all-round DPS unit that applies ATK DOWN and DEF DOWN to the enemy based on the skill and removes ATK UP and DEF UP from the enemy. Skill 1 and 2 are both area attack skills.


# 4★ Martial Cat (Assassin) (Wind)

- Applies a DMG Taken UP debuff to the enemy with skill 1 and additionally applies ATK DOWN if the target is a boss. A strong DPS unit viable until mid-late game. (Good synergy with 3★ Pixie (Wind).)


# 4★ Howl (Support) (Water)

- A Support type Monster viable in the late game with the appropriate Runes. All skills provide healing and additionally apply DEP UP or remove harmful effects, making it useful against enemies that use DoT or debuffs such as DEF DOWN. The amount of healing is based on its HP.


⭐️ [How to Obtain Monsters]


① Selective Summon

As you progress through the Rahil Kingdom Story, you will be able to perform a Selective Summon. (Available point to be added)


Selective Summon can be performed 30 times, with 10 summons each.

Even if you use up all 30 attempts, you can reset the summon by completing a quest (quest name to be added). (Quest can be completed unlimitedly)


Use Selective Summon to summon the Monster you want and progress the story more conveniently.


② Summoner Pass

You will see a red light next to the minimap as you continue your adventure.


It indicates that daily and weekly challenges of the Summoner Pass have been completed from playing Chronicles.


Summoner Pass is a seasonal pass with a main Monster for each season.


Pieces of the main Monster can be obtained as a normal reward.

But you can get the actual Monster as a premium reward by purchasing the Premium Pass.


You can also receive double rewards for Path of Growth, Essence Dungeons, and certain events when the Premium reward is active!

* The double rewards effect for Path of Growth and Essence Dungeon has a daily limit.


③ Obtain from Events

Lots of different events are held in Chronicles.


Some events will help you with your adventure.


The 7 Days of Special Missions to Meet the Magic Knight provides

a 3★ Pixie (Wind), 3★ Garuda (Water), and 3★ Fairy (Fire) just for logging in to the game every day.

Monster upgrade materials can be obtained from other missions.


④ Monster Story

Some Monster Stories are specific to each continent while some are not related to any.


Each Monster Story has a different number of missions and difficulties. The Monster and upgrade materials can be obtained by completing the missions.

* Some Monster Stories provide certain currencies. (E.g. Mimick (Light) Story)


3★ Monsters can be obtained in the early game, and 5★ Monsters will be available in the late game. Make sure to complete all the stories as some Monsters are essential for Area Exploration quests.


⑤ Monster Rate UP Event and Altar's Blessing

Summons are the last resort if you've completed all Monster Stories!


You can use scrolls at the Summon Altar to summon Monsters.


Scrolls exist in various types: Mystical, Fire, Legendary, etc.

They can be obtained in many ways, such as quest rewards, clearing content, or paid purchases

Each scroll will provide a Monster.


However, Chronicles has an ongoing Rate UP Event for certain Monsters.

This event increases the summon rate of certain Monsters for a certain time.

If a Monster you want is on a Rate UP Event, you're much more likely to obtain it by using the event summon!


Furthermore, if you complete 200 summons in the Rate UP Event, you will be guaranteed to obtain an event Monster regardless of the summon rate.

(E.g. 1 Desert Queen (Fire) can be obtained if you completed the Desert Queen (Fire) Rate UP Event)


But it's worth bearing in mind that the summon count will apply separately for each event.


Even without the Rate UP Event, you can boost the rate of Monsters you own from the Altar's Blessing.


Add 4/5★ Monsters you own to the Altar's Blessing

to perform summons with a higher chance than other 4/5★Monsters.


Eight 4★ Monsters and three 5★ Monsters can be added to the altar and available twice per month. 

* You can reset the altar even if you haven't summoned all the Monsters. Reset strategically if you obtained all the Monsters you wanted.


Coupon Code




Unknown Scroll x10
Water Scroll x1
Fire Scroll x1
Wind Scroll x1



Normal EXP Potion x100
Essence of Magic x80
Essence of Wind x40
Essence of Fire x40
Essence of Waterx40




Hope you found the tips useful! 


Thank you.

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