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Serena's Special Guide

CM Serena's Special Chronicles Class [Beginner Benefits Overview]
CM Serena 06/28/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


We've prepared a special Chronicles class to help the new users settle down in the world of Chronicles!๐Ÿ˜Ž


Just read through this special class and you'll be a skilled Summoner in no time!
Let's get started!


CM Serena's Beginner Benefits Overview


| First, the Must-do Events
โ‘  Welcome, New Recruits! Event
Complete simple missions every day for 14 days to get Fire Phoenix x6, the best Monster for the PvE content! You'll also get 5โ˜… Monster Selection Ticket x2, 4โ˜… LD Selection Ticket, 5โ˜… Devilmon, 4โ˜… Light Howl (which can be enhanced easily), Dark Amazon, Dark Cow Girl, 3โ˜… Light Garuda and lots of game money to use for growth!


๐Ÿ“Œ Serena's Personal Tip #1
If you're unsure of which Monster to get with the 5โ˜… Monster Selection Ticket, how about the Wind Paladin who's able to recover HP, use Provoke, Shield, Invincible and more to protect the team since you have a powerful archer, Fire Phoenix?


โ‘ก Chronicles Special Gift Event & Chronicles Medal
You can get one of the 6 LD Monsters that were chosen as the best LD Monsters by the current users from this event. 10 Medals will be given each time when you complete the Chronicles Medal's repeat request and you'll be able to exchange 100 Medals for the Monster of your choice from the Chronicles Special Gift Event.


๐Ÿ“Œ Serena's Personal Tip #2
The most recommended Monster among the 6 LD Monsters is the Light Polar Queen. Its 2nd skill, Brutal Order is able to decrease the skill cooldown of both Monsters and the Summoner and increase the Ultimate Gauge. Light Polar Queen's Ultimate Skill can reset the team's skill cooldown and the Summoner will gain Mana which results in being able to use skills almost unlimitedly!


Now that you have the Wind Paladin, Fire Phoenix, and Light Polar Queen, you got yourself the best team formation that can fight against any boss! One last tip! Use the soul link (setting the Monster as the main Monster) with the Light Polar Queen to use the skill no. 2 and the Ultimate Skill to be able to use skills almost unlimitedly!


โ‘ข Devilmon's Special Mission Event
Complete missions every day to get various game money for growth and Devilmons used for 5โ˜… and 4โ˜… Monster Skill Level Ups.


๐Ÿ“Œ Serena's Personal Tip #3
If you're unsure of which Monster to use the Devilmon with, use it for Fire Phoenix if you want high DMG, use it for Wind Paladin if you want to care for the team first, and use it for Light Polar Queen if you want to use skills freely.



| Second, EXP Buffs for New Summoners
New Summoners will get 100% bonus EXP when they clear dungeons or hunt creatures up to Lv. 80. 
If you use the Weekend Hot Time 30% + EXP Boost Remedy + Hot Springs Buff by joining a Guild, you'll be able to level up faster than ever!


๐Ÿ“Œ Serena's Personal Tip #4
If you're unsure of where to go with the EXP Buff, go to Path of Growth > Path of Training where you can get EXP Potions, Rainbowmon, Gold, and other various game money for enhancement required in the beginning phase of the game. Go to Path of Growth > Path of Adventure to increase the Monster abilities by getting Runes when level ups and Evolutions have been completed!



| Third, Quest EXP UP
Q. New Summoner: I'm not sure how I can level up the Summonerโ€ฆ
A. CM Serena: No worries! The EXP reward of the Rahil Kingdom Story and Area Exploration has been greatly increased to help you level up just by following the storyline!



| Fourth, New Dungeon First Clear Reward
The Dungeon First Clear Reward has been added for new Summoners who are entering various levels of dungeons according to the Summoner and team's growth.
Please read below for the overview of the new reward.
- Path of Training (Normal): Breath of Life needed for Monster Awakening + Premium EXP Potion needed for Monster level ups
- Subjugation: Gold, used everywhere + Enhancement Shards needed for equipment enhancement
- Path of Adventure (Normal): 5โ˜… Legend Rune needed to increase Monster's battle power + Rune Enhancement Stones needed for Rune Enhancement
- Hall of Essences: Essence of Magic needed for Monster Awakening + Essences of each attribute
- You'll be able to get Sky Stones used for various enhancements in Rupture and Magician's Research Logs used to get skill points in Expedition.



| Lastly, If you want to enjoy the core content quickly!
Complete the Rahil Kingdom Story (main quest) to Act. 1 Ch. 42 with either Orbia, Kina, Cleaf, and Soleta. Heath will be available to use starting with Lv. 80 as he's a White Shadow Mercenary unlike other Summoners and the main quest will begin starting with Act. 9. You'll be able to enjoy all content of Chronicles when you continue on for a little longer.

You'll also get Heath exclusive 6โ˜… Awakening Lv. 0 Hero Grade +15 equipment, items needed for Monster growth, 6โ˜… Hero Rune, and more! Please refer to the <How to Create Heath & Increase the Battle Power Fast> for more info.


That's all for the new user benefits overview!
Make sure to check out other Chronicles Classes available since there are many tips on the game for new users and existing users.๐Ÿ™


See you next time!

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