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Serena's Special Guide

Power Up with CM Serena (Boiling Waterfall Raid)
CM Serena 04/11/2023


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


Elite: Boiling Waterfall was added to the world of Chronicles through the Apr. 6th update.


We've heard that some Summoners are having difficulties defeating the mighty Naraka!


We've prepared a special guide to help all Summoners clear the Boiling Waterfall.


Please check below for more details.



▌Power Up with CM Serena (Boiling Waterfall Raid)


1. Boiling Waterfall Basic Info
- Boiling Waterfall Raid unlocks upon clearing Clean Prison - Betrayed Metus in Casslan Area Exploration. 
 You can challenge the Boiling Waterfall Raid from the Boiling Waterfall start quest in Rukurangma.
- The recommended PWR is 350k. You can get PWR and bonus effects if your PWR is 350k or above.


2.  Naraka Boss Basic Info
- Naraka is a Mage-type boss without an attribute.
- Its key skills include Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Roar, and Dragon's Wrath.


3. Naraka Detailed Skill Info

[Dragon's Breath]
- Getting hit by Naraka's skill applies a DoT harmful effect called Dragon's Breath.
- Dragon's Breath inflicts damage equal to a certain ratio of the target's MAX HP every second.
(2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20% of the target's MAX HP based on the number of stacks)
- This harmful effect can stack up to 10 times, and the damage increases at higher stacks.
- Also, you take greater damage if you're hit by Naraka's skill while Dragon's Breath is applied.
- Dragon's Breath cannot be removed with Remove Harmful Effect or Remove Beneficial Effect. It can only be removed once the decreased HP is fully replenished.

[Dragon's Roar]
- Naraka removes all harmful effects on itself and wraps hard dragon scales on its body.
- Applies Dragon's Breath to all members periodically while it prepares a powerful attack.
- Multiple fireballs drop from the sky if Dragon's Scale is not stopped.
- Fireballs inflict damage that increases based on the Dragon's Breath LV.
- Fireballs leave debris when they hit the ground. Stepping on the debris applies additional Dragon's Breath stacks and decreases the level of beneficial effects.

[Dragon's Scale]
- Dragon's Scale applies a beneficial effect to Naraka that decreases all incoming damage by 99%.
- This beneficial effect cannot be removed with beneficial effect removal skills.
Dragon's Scale is removed upon decreasing a certain amount of Naraka's HP.

[Dragon's Wrath]
- Once you've dealt with the Dragon's Roar pattern in the early phase, Naraka becomes enraged and ascends to the sky.
- Fire spirits are summoned, and will attack the seal stones.
- You must protect at least 2 seal stones. Naraka uses its ultimate and all Summoners will be instantly defeated if there is only 1 seal stone left.

[Fire Spirit]
- Fire spirits have a beneficial effect called Dragon's Blessing.
- This grants a powerful Shield that cannot be removed just by inflicting damage.
- This beneficial effect is removed upon receiving a CC effect (stun, provoke, airborne, etc.).

4. Boiling Waterfall Raid Basic Pattern
Battle Start ▶ Fireball skill, Fear ▶ Dragon's Roar ▶ Successful Prevention ▶ Dragon's Wrath ▶ Defeat Fire Spirits and Protect Seal Stones 
▶ Defeat Fire Spirits and Protect at least 2 Seal Stones ▶ Breath of the End & Landing ▶ Dragon's Roar (Repeated)

5. CM Serena's Clear Guide

[Preparations Before Entering the Raid]
① Development of Essential Monsters & PWR UP
- You need at least 350k PWR to receive bonus effects in the Boiling Waterfall Raid.
There are also many things to consider in this Raid, which requires you to develop appropriate Monsters.
- Aside from the 3 team Monsters, you need to switch to a Monster with a CC effect to remove the Shield on Fire Spirits.
- The following Monsters are frequently used in the Naraka Raid.

※ Recommended Monsters

- You need Monsters that can deal damage to the boss, or ignore the target's damage reduction effect.
- 5★ Fire Raven - Can be obtained in the Monster Story.
- 5★ Wind Vampire
- 5★ Wind Magic Knight
- 4★ Dark Cow Girl

● Healer
- You need Monsters with a powerful heal/continuous heal skill and other buffs such as Shield and Immunity that can immediately remove Dragon's Breath.
- 5★ Water Pioneer
- 5★ Water Occult Girl
- 5★ Water Archangel
- 4★ Water/Light Howl

● Buffer
- You need Monsters with CRIT DMG UP, ATK UP, and DMG Taken UP that can nullify Naraka's Dragon's Scale (99% DMG reduction).
- 5★ Water Desert Queen
- 5★ Wind Jack-o'-Lantern
- 4★ Dark Harg
- 3★ Dark Harpy

● Shield Remover
- You need a Monster with a CC effect that can remove the Fire Spirit's powerful Shield.
However, they're only used to remove the Shield, so it's ideal to use a Monster that can be developed easily.
- 4★ Wind Penguin Knight
- 3★ Water Gore

[Raid Battle Checklist]
① Naraka uses fireballs and Fear when you enter the battle. Check the location of the fireball so that you don't step on the debris when you receive Fear!


② The basic attack that affects a circle area does not deal much damage.
But you have to dodge the breath cast in a straight line to avoid stacking Dragon's Breath.

③ Try to avoid receiving the Dragon's Breath effect. Use your healing skill if you're affected.


④ You need to deal as much damage as possible to reduce a certain amount of Naraka's HP when it uses Dragon's Roar.

⑤ Each Summoner needs to protect a seal stone from the Fire Spirits when Naraka ascends to the sky with Dragon's Wrath.
- Switch to the Monster that can remove the Fire Spirits' Shield.
- Naraka will use its ultimate if two seal stones are destroyed, and you will fail the dungeon.
- If you've defeated the Fire Spirits targeting your seal stone, help the other Summoners protect their seal stones.


⑥ Naraka will only use Dragon's Roar once it lands.
- Naraka will not use the ultimate even if you fail once during this pattern.
Keep going until the end.


That's all for the Boiling Waterfall clear strategy.


Clear the Boiling Waterfall with this guide 
and get 5★ 4A equipment and outfit/equipment crafting materials!


We will do our best to provide you with useful guides.


Thank you.

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