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Serena's New Content Spotlight! - Guild Raid, Metus, and Vampire Hunter
CM Serena 03/17/2023


Greetings from the <Summoners War: Chronicles> team!


This spotlight features information about the new Raid boss, [Metus],
new content [Guild Raid], and the new Monster, Vampire Hunter, all of which will be added in the Mar. 23rd update.



▌ Serena's New Content Spotlight! - Guild Raid, Metus, and Vampire Hunter


▶ New Raid Boss [Metus]

- Metus is a neutral-attribute Raid boss who wields a powerful weapon.
- Metus' attack deals damage to the enemy in a large area and applies various harmful effects.
- Metus deals greater damage to targets affected by a certain harmful effect and becomes stronger every time a target is defeated.
- Metus periodically uses the Ground Strike skill where it slams the ground with one arm.
- Destroy the arm planted in the ground within the designated time.
- Metus deals huge damage across the entire map if you fail to destroy the arm.
- DEF DOWN is very effective at destroying the arm.
- Metus' ultimate gauge increases over time and additionally increases if an ally is defeated.
- However, the ultimate gauge will decrease if Metus receives a debuff.
- The Spirit Nightmare equipment set can be obtained from the Metus Raid. Use materials obtained from the Raid to enhance Spirit Nightmare equipment or craft the Frost Lantern outfit set.


▶ New Content [Guild Raid]

- Guild Raid is Raid content where you cooperate with guild members to defeat bosses of various levels.
- The goal of this content is to cooperate with guild members to defeat a common enemy. You must join a guild to participate!
- Guild Rankings are tallied based on the clear level and time. 
※ Guild Raid is only available to guild members who joined the guild before the start of the season.
- You must start from Level 1 if you're participating for the first time.
However, from the next season, you can start from the level cleared in the previous season.
※ You can't enter if you're in a party. Make sure you leave the party before entering!
- Guild Raid entry time and the no. of available entries are limited. Make sure to prepare thoroughly before you enter.
- Guild Raid consists of Level 1-10, and the difficulty increases with the level.
- Up to 24 players can enter the Guild Raid. A party will be created according to the order of entry.
- Up to 12 players can join each party.
- Face Renegade Azazel, the Guild Raid boss who becomes stronger at higher levels!
- Light/Dark Azazel appears as a boss in all Guild Raids.


▶ New Monster [Vampire Hunter]


Awakened Name






#DMG Based on Target's Lost HP #DEF DOWN #DMG Based on ATK SPD




#Remove Beneficial Effect #ATK UP




#DEF DOWN #Increase Mana




#Silence #DMG Taken UP




#DMG Based on Target's Lost HP

#DEF DOWN #Shield#Remove Harmful Effect

#Skill Cooldown DOWN



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