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Future Updates Notice
GM Chronicles 11/13/2023


Greetings from the producer of Summoners War: Chronicles.


I would like to introduce the updates planned for the month of November.


First, these are the updates planned for the this week.


A new Monster, Dragon, will be added.


Fire Dragon, a mage-type Monster, deals significantly increased damage to targets with lower ATK than itself, increases the target’s skill cooldown, reduces the enemy Summoner's mana, and applies Oppression. Fire Dragon’s CRIT RES increases while casting a skill.


Water Dragon, a mage-type Monster, reduces DEF, applies Knockdown, and uses the Absolute Zero skill when the target is knocked down, frozen, or stunned. The Absolute Zero skill applies Spell Shield to itself, ignores damage reduction, and uses Freeze and the Chill Explosion skill. Dragon’s Mana Regen Speed increases upon defeating an enemy using Chill Explosion. mana regeneration speed increases. Water Dragon offers similar utility for Summoners who do not have Genos.


Wind Dragon, a support-type Monster, recovers the HP of a team member with low HP upon using basic attacks, increases the damage taken, increases its ATK SPD, recovers a team member, removes a harmful effect, and applies Immunity upon removing a CC effect. When the enemy applies either Silence or Root to a team member, uses Recovery and Remove Harmful Effect in sequence. Dragon itself is immune to CC effects.


The first skill of the Light Support-type Dragon reduces its own HP by a certain ratio, applies DMG and CRIT Rate DOWN. Its second skill applies Recovery and Continuous Recovery, and increases the CRIT RES. As Light Dragon's HP decreases, the damage dealt increases, while the damage taken and the amount of recovery decrease.


Dark Dragon, a mage-type Monster, has a certain chance to apply Fear when its attack successfully lands and ignores Death Denial effect. When the target is defeated, applies Unrevivable, removes a beneficial effect per hit, and applies Undead. When it gets hit by a skill at a certain HP ratio, applies Fear and Undead to enemies within the area. It deals increased damage when attacking Light and Dark attributes, and takes increased damage when being attacked by Fire, Water, and Wind attributes.


The skill balance of the following Monsters will be adjusted.


Fire: Pirate Captain, Joker, Kobold Bomber, Imp Champion, Monkey King, Pioneer, and Garuda


Water: Joker, Kobold Bomber, Mermaid, Monkey King


Wind: Kobold Bomber, Oracle


Dark: Joker, Oracle


Light: Kobold Bomber


The bomb effect will be revamped, and Monster skill effects will be adjusted to make it easier to counter enemy beneficial effects and CC effects.


Summoner skill balances will be adjusted, and a new skill will be added.


Kina’s Water attribute Snow Day skill’s recovery amount and buff stages will be reduced from a total of 4 times to 2 times.


Kina will also gain a Water attribute Ice Protection skill. 


Ice Protection applies Recovery and Shield, and when a team member is affected by Poison, removes all harmful effects and reduces the cooldown of Ice Protection.


Orbia will gain a Fire attribute Fire Wall skill. 


The skill creates a rectangular wall that removes Invincibility, deals DoT every second for a certain period of time, and has a certain chance to reduce DEF. If Orbia is provoked, the damage of her first attack will increase as well.


Cleaf will gain a Wind attribute Strong Wind skill. 


A strong wind is created to attack enemies within the area 2 times. The first hit has a certain chance to remove a beneficial effect, and the last hit applies Evasion DOWN.


Soleta will gain a Wind attribute Breeze skill. 


This skill attacks the enemy 5 times in a row, and each hit has a certain chance to remove Immunity if Soleta has Fletch.


For Galagos Ruins, passive skills (Endure, ATK UP, DoT, Unrecoverable) applied to the creatures will be deleted, trap damage will be reduced, and Summoner’s basic MOV SPD will be increased.


Next, here's some fantastic news about an event where you can obtain a 5★ Light/Dark Monster. 


Global Chronicles Book 1: “Fairy Queen’s Gift Event” will start.


As we have about 100 days left until the 1-year anniversary of global release, we will be holding a 100-day event to celebrate this milestone!


You'll be able to acquire various development resources through simple daily missions, and once you complete the missions up to the 30th day… *Drumrolls*


You can obtain Dark Fairy Queen.


And once you complete all the missions, including the final mission,


Ta-da! A graceful Light Fairy Queen awaits you!


This event is being hosted as a token of our appreciation for all the Summoners who have consistently shown their love for Chronicles over the past year. This event is the first of its kind, and we cannot predict when it will return. We hope for your interest in this rare 5★ Light & Dark Monster event.


The Light & Dark Fairy Queen not only has beautiful appearance but also remarkable abilities, making them versatile for various situations.. 


We have many incredible events lined up in celebration of our 1st anniversary. We would be immensely grateful if you could join us in this historic moment!


We look forward to being with you continuously in the future, including the 2nd anniversary, 3rd anniversary... and even the remarkable 10th anniversary!


That wraps up the upcoming updates for next week, and here's a glimpse of what's in store for the last week of November.


A Monster Affinity System will be added.


Each Monster will have a total of 5 Affinity levels, and you’ll receive rewards based on the level achieved.


You can increase the Affinity by giving food, field-hunting/gathering/mining/fishing with the summoned Monster, and sending the Monster on a Guild Request or Exploration HQ.


Upon achieving a certain Affinity level on a default 4/5★ Monster, 2 additional types (B, C) of Book effects will be added, instead of one existing type (A), and you will have the option to choose and apply one of these effects.


A Summoner Transformation system will be added.


Transformation Potions, previously obtainable only during event periods, are now permanently available.


You can obtain Transformations through specific account-based missions. Once you obtain a transformation, you will gain set effects that boost your PWR, similar to outfit set effects. These set effects apply to all Summoners within the same account.


In this update, a total of 7 Transformations will be introduced, with more to come in future updates.


Harg and Fairy Transformations will enhance gathering speed, Lizardman and Living Armor Transformations will enhance mining speed, and Martial Cat and Charger Shark Transformations will enhance fishing speed.


You can also set an option to transform automatically when proceeding with each content.


Transformation will start at Lv. 1, and it can be enhanced up to Lv. 5. The effect will be enhanced, and you’ll be able to select the appearance as the level increases.


Transformation EXP items are required to level up the transformation, and you can obtain them from the Guild/Arena Shop, Guild Raid completion, and Magictech.


A Magictech system will be added.


Obtain resources by disassembling specific items, and you can use the resources to craft other items.


The items that can be disassembled include regular items, including materials, Symbols, and Handwork Gems, which couldn’t be disassembled previously.


You can use the disassembled resources to craft new items, and crafting consumes Mana Fuel, which is automatically replenished over time.


Magictech levels increase with each alteration, allowing you to alter items of higher levels as your Magictech level goes up.


Through alteration, you can obtain Galaxy Stones, Moon Stones, Spell Books, Symbols, Artifact Shards, Transformation EXP Potions and more.


Magictech will introduce a re-alteration system in the future, allowing for a one-time opportunity to reroll the stats of items such as Handwork Gems, Sun Stones, Galaxy Stones, Moon Stones, Spell Books, and Symbols.


Now, let's move on to the Battlefield.


A new Battlefield “Howling Cliff” will be added.


The Howling Cliff mode is a 3 vs 3 Battlefield, where players can earn a significant amount of Gold and Victory Seals.


To win, the player must destroy the enemy Protection Stone within a limited time first. If the time runs out, the team with higher HP remaining on their Guard Tower and Protection Stone will win.


Allied creatures will be summoned for both teams to aid in the battle in this mode. Thus, it is essential to defeat these creatures while playing.


Players who do not participate in battles within the Battlefield and cause inconvenience to their team will receive a penalty, preventing them from participating in the Battlefield for a certain period.


The Battlefield entry time will change. Battlefield, which was previously opened at 2-hour intervals from noon to night will be opened for 9 hours starting late afternoon to night. 


This adjustment was implemented in response to substantial feedback concerning the challenges faced by players when the Battlefield entry schedule does not align with their playtime. We kindly request your understanding that there might be additional modifications in response to situations in the future.


Since we’re removing the restriction, which banned party entry during specific time slots, teams matched as parties will now be matched with opponents one tier higher in rank, as this confers an advantage over solo matchmaking.


The attribute buffs that were applied periodically on Saturdays will now be applied on a weekly basis.


Soon, White Winter events will start to celebrate the upcoming winter season.


You’ll be able to access the “Winter Festival Island” and proceed with the “White Crystal Naraka’s Egg” transport mission, for a chance to obtain the “White Crystal Naraka” transformation item.


Winter event dungeons will be added. The event dungeons will consist of a total of 12 dungeons and 4 bosses, and players will be able to obtain winter event items upon successful completion.


Furthermore, we will be hosting a 4-week long Winter Check-in Event. Please remember to log in every day to collect various items useful for development.


We’ll be holding the Summoner’s Gift event. Send gifts to your cherished Monsters, who have always been by your side. You’ll be able to acquire Scrolls of the corresponding attribute when you deliver a gift your Monster likes. 


Furthermore, you will receive Dragon Balls each time you exchange gifts, which can be used to acquire Mystical and Legendary Scrolls. Occasionally, you may come across Shiny Dragon Balls, and when you collect all 7 Shiny Dragon Balls, you can claim a mysterious reward we’ve prepared for you.


Next up is the changes and improvements related to the Arena.


Multiple rules have been added to Friend Battle, allowing the match to be proceeded in various formats, such as best of 5.


In Challenge Arena, opponents with a certain rank or higher will have their nicknames, score, and Summoner outfits hidden.


Players will be able to refresh the opponent list for free upon rank promotion, and the Arena Pass holders will have the ability to refresh the list in the Challenge Arena up to 10 times a day at no cost.


The world boss system will be improved.


Rewards based on accumulated damage will be added, and Monster portraits will now be displayed alongside the HP indicators in the UI.


The total damage display has been improved to show the status of all participating Monsters and Summoners, and it will now compare your highest record to the previous one when you break the previous record.


Season 2 of the Guild Raid is set to commence. The changed Raid boss will bring a heightened level of difficulty compared to the previous season, accompanied by adjusted rewards.


Here are some QoL improvements.


When changing weapon attributes, an option will be added to simultaneously switch to the specified weapon/sub weapon of the same set. This will make it easier to switch between Mythic weapons of different attributes.


In Guild Infinite Raid, you can now check the Monsters used by other Summoners.


Storage in the village is now directly accessible through UI.


Monster dungeon stats will be categorized into each Summoner.


The default quantity available in the Piece Exchange Shop will be changed from 1 to the maximum exchangeable quantity (999).


Favorites for individual Profession skill categories have been expanded to all profession skills, with the addition of expansion/reduction option. In addition, an option to hide basic equipment in the Blacksmithing has been added.


A red dot feature has been added to notify when recipes with weekly crafting limits reset.


The Monster Forum score can be modified once a day, and a new tab displaying the last 60 days' history will be introduced. Additionally, you'll earn 10 Energy for your initial posts on Default 5★ Monsters. 


You will be able to quickly review your guild's status via the main guild UI. This interface will grant you access to various features, including construction, building information, and guild rally functions.


New Monster Transmogrifications will be added.


Pop Star Polar Queen, Occult Girl, and Valkyrja Transformations.


In December, we have many exciting updates in store, including the introduction of the new Monster Fairy Queen, Legendary Skill Artifacts, and a newly revamped Galagos Dungeon.


We greatly appreciate your ongoing support for Chronicles and hope you stay cozy during the winter season.


Thank you.


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