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Battle Guide

Fights the enemy at the frontline with high defense and survivability.
Protects allies using various methods such as provoke, recovery, beneficial effects, and more.
Charges to the nearest enemy.
Adept at fighting many enemies at once in melee combat with high HP and well-balanced stats.
Strikes a number of enemies with an AoE attack, and applies harmful effects to a wide range.
Fights the enemy that attacks or threatens itself.
Specialized in supporting allies instead of attacking directly.
Supports allies with high recovery, removal, and beneficial effects and disrupts the enemy.
Moves to a nearby ally when attacked by an enemy or at low HP.
Neutralizes a number of enemies from a long range with powerful spells.
Deals great damage to a number of enemies or neutralizes spells to gain advantage.
Moves to a safer location to cast spells when an enemy approaches, or upon taking damage.
Takes down the enemy from a long range with their extensive attack range.
Deals great damage to a single target or applies harmful effects to reduce its battle ability.
Attacks the enemy support first and maintains distance from the enemy with deft movement.
Eliminates the most threatening target with powerful single-target damage and harmful effects.
Attempts to remove the archer or magician by approaching the enemy from behind.
Check the strengths and weaknesses between attributes and select the attribute that counters the enemy's.
If your attribute is advantageous, you deal +20% bonus DMG, and receive +10% bonus CRIT Rate.
If your attribute is countered, you take a penalty of -10% DMG, and receive -10% CRIT Rate,
-15% Precision, and -25% ACC .

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