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Apr. 18th Update Known Issues Notice
GM Chronicles 04/18/2024

Greetings from the <Summoners War: Chronicles> team!


We would like to inform you of the known issues that occurred after the Apr. 18th update.


We will do our best to resolve the issues and will notify you via this notice once they have been resolved.


Please check below for more details.


Apr. 18th Update Known Issues Notice


- The issue of the Hero Raid participation count not being applied for the following event missions

  · Raid participation mission for [Fight with strong allies! Collab Mission!]

  · Raid participation mission for [Vagabond's Training]

  · Some regular events such as Ancient Dragon Naraka, Kaliya's Dangerous Invitation, Sealed Hero Farakel, and Summoner Transcendence Pathfinder 

* Please use the Elite Raid as the [Elite Raid] participation count is being applied normally.

  · We will be sending out Breath of Life x500, 5★ Rainbowmon x12, and Energy of Warrior x150 as a compensation reward to the users who access the game by *Apr. 26th 12am. 

* Time zone for each region: US - EST / EU - CET / ASIA - ICT / JP - JST

- The issue of the Party Dungeon Clear contribution point not being earned in [Guild]-[Daily Contribution]-[Cooperation] even when you clear the Elite Raid with Guild members

- The issue of the basic attack being applied continuously regardless of the right-button setting of the mouse in PC environment

- The issue of the White Night Summon guaranteed mileage count not being displayed with certain languages

- The issue of the Origin of Fire/Water/Wind’s effect not being displayed in the Hero: Tree of Heroes Raid (Rank Mode) in certain situations

- The issue of the Shiny Mythic equipment being displayed the same way as a normal Mythic equipment in other Summoner's info.

* Improvements will be made to add more details in the equipment info in the future.

- The issue with the screen that's experienced when you end the raid after proceeding with the normal mode while during the tally period of the [Hero Raid].

  · Please leave the [Hero Raid] Menu and enter again to resolve the issue. We'll try our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.



Resolved Issues


- The issue of the buff being accumulated in certain situations while playing the Hero Raid
* The Retry and Repeat Battle Functions will be unavailable until the issue is resolved, and you will return to the field screen if you press the Retry or Repeat Battle Buttons. Thank you for your understanding.




We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the in-game issue. 

We will do our best to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.


Thank you for your understanding.


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