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Serena's Special Guide

CM Serena’s Chronicle Class Ch. 2 「Monster Suggestion'」
CM Serena 03/14/2024


Greetings from Summoners War:Chronicles Team!


We had a chance to go over the major features and effects for each attribute to help you choose the right character for you.

This time, we will be going over the features of the most popular 5★ Fire/Water/Wind Monsters that are used in various contents. 


Let’s begin!


CM Serena’s Chronicle Class Ch. 2 <Monster Suggestion>


「 Utilize the 5★ Selection Ticket, 14 Days of Lucky Summon, and Selective Summon! 」


Various events and items are used to give the Summoners a chance to get the major Monsters in Chronicles.


The best way to summon the Monsters that you need would be to use the [14 Days of Lucky Summon], which you can use to pick 1 Fire/Water/Wind Monster to increase the summon rate and summon a guaranteed 5★ Monster and the 5★ Selection Ticket, which is available as the premium reward of the Summoner Pass (2 for each season), to summon the Monster that you need. 


You can also use the Selective Summon when you clear Act 1. Ch. 13. Finding Kota of Rahil Kingdom Story.

You can also get one 5★ Monster with the Selective Summon, so make sure to check it out.

(You can try until you get the Monster of your choice since you can get more chances through additional quests until the final confirmation even if you use all selective summon chances.)


Let’s take a look at the most useful Monsters to use in the world of Chronicles and why they’ve been picked.



「 Attack type Monsters 」



| Powerful against targets (boss monsters) that are not affected by CC effects! Fire Phoenix


It’s the most popular Monster used for PvE since it’s very powerful against boss monsters of all dungeons and it’s also the Monster that can be used to counter Light Dragon Knight, Wing Dragon, etc. which are not affected by CC effects in PvP. Make sure to enhance it first if you’re going to be taking adventures in the world of Chronicles. 

- Awakened Name: Perna

- Main keywords: #DMG Taken UP, #Remove Immunity, #DMG Mitigation Ignoring DMG, #Unrevivable

- How to use the Monster

Fire Phoenix is very powerful against enemies that are not affected by CC effects.

Because most boss monsters are immune against CC effects, Flame Nova’s additional effects are all activated. The Unreviviable effect is granted as the bonus effect along with the DMG Taken UP, and inflicts very powerful damage that penetrates through Defense 3 times. 

Flame Nova inflicts great damage with just its basic damage but when the skill inflicts damage 3 times with all bonus effects activated, including DEF penetration, the Monster is able to inflict very powerful damage compared to other Monsters. 

That’s why most Summoners use the soul link with Fire Phoenix and set it up so that only the Flame Nova skill is used in raids. Make sure to get Fire Phoenix with the 5★ Selective Ticket and the 14 Days of Lucky Summon since it’s very powerful in PvE but a lot simpler than Wind Vampire to use for contents excluding field boss, guild raid, etc. where many Summoners are gathered at once. 



| Defeat the boss with DMG based on the number of harmful effects! Wind Vampire


Wind Vampire is a powerful Monster against a single target when various harmful effects are accumulated on the boss monster in PvE contents that require you to cooperate with your team members. 

- Awakened Name: Argen

- Main keywords: #DMG Based on no. of harmful effects, #ATK SPD DOWN, #DEF DOWN, #ATK UP

- How to use the Monster

Wind Vampire has a very special effect known as the DMG based on a number of harmful effects.

Since harmful effects are used only on the boss monster when battling against the boss monsters, Wind Vampire is able to inflict great damage continuously. 

In addition, the passive skill, Cold Blood is used to stack critical hits among basic attacks which fills up thirst and explodes with the Death Blow skill. When this method is repeated, you’re able to maintain ATK UP Lv. 5 continuously. 


「 Defense Type Monsters 」



| From Invincibility, Recover HP, Shield, Remove harmful effect, Provoke, to ATK UP! All-rounder! Wind Paladin


Wind Paladin is a HP-based Knight class Monster that can be used in all contents such as PvE and PvP.

If you need a Monster to be a tanker and healer in your team, you won’t regret using Wind Paladin!

- Awakened Name: Louise

- Main keywords#ATK UP, #Invincibility, #Shield, #Provoke, #Remove harmful effect, #Recover HP, #Spell Shield

- How to use the Monster

Wind Paladin is skilled in protecting the Monsters of the team.

You can use Invincibility and remove harmful effects to avoid the team from being defeated when great damage is inflicted on the team instantly and the team faces a danger with debuffs. Wind Paladin can grant recovery and shield to the attack type Monster when the attack is concentrated on the Monster and provoke the enemy as a true knight.

In addition, not only does Wind Paladin possess DMG taken DOWN based on evasion as a passive skill and spell shield to defend against magic a fixed amount of time with active evasion, Wind Paladin is a true all-rounder who can increase the ATK of the target when recovering the team members in PvE raids.

Because the major stats of Wind Paladin is HP, it’s not hard to level up the Monster. Wind Paladin is perfect for Summoners who're looking for an all-rounder Monster.



| Pull and Root! Remove harmful effects, HP recovery, etc! Best for PvP, Fire Paladin


If Wind Paladin was an all-rounder who’s more suited for PvE, Fire Paladin is a Monster who pulls and roots the opponent and stands against the enemies in PvP contents. Fire Paladin is also perfect for PvE contents such as Galagos Ruins and Trial of Ascension where you have to defeat numerous enemies with a time limit.

Awakened Name: Ophilia

Main keywords: #ATK UP, #DEF UP, #Remove harmful effect, #Recover HP, #Pull, #Burn, #Root, #Block Harmful Effect Removal

- How to use the Monster

Do you like PvP? You’re at the right place!

Fire Paladin is able to pull and root enemies which makes it easy to fight against multiple enemies.

Fire Paladin has very high defense and is able to remove harmful effects and recover HP.

In addition, Fire Paladin is also able to grant burn on nearby enemies with a fixed chance when harmful effects are removed from allies.

Of course, Fire Paladin can be used to pull and root enemies in PvE contents as well. Use Fire Paladin to defeat creatures in the Galagos Ruins and Trial of Ascension by pulling the enemies and using a ranged attack at once while withstanding the attacks of the multiple elite creatures with HP recovery!



| High defense to HP recovery and harmful effect removal! Water Archangel


Use Water Archangel to recover HP and remove harmful effects in various raids and to clear high difficulty stages against Fire attributes in Path of Growth - Path of Adventure to get Runes!

- Awakened NameAriel

- Main keywords#HP recovery, #DEF UP, #Remove harmful effect, #Continuous Recovery, #Recovery Received UP

- How to use the Monster

Water Archangel possesses skills for continuous recovery, instant recovery, and removing harmful effects.

Because the recovery amount is based on its defense, Water Archangel equips the Guard rune which is focused on defense.

This makes Water Archangel’s survivability very high with high defense just like the Paladin and makes it a great defense type Monster to recover the allies continuously and support with harmful effect removals.



「 Support Type Monsters 」



| A must-have for raids with HP recovery, ATK UP, DEF DOWN, etc! Fire Sky Dancer


Fire Sky Dancer is a great support type Monster with beneficial effects such as DEF DOWN and ATK UP which grants 50% buff/nerf with just Lv. 1 in various raids and Path of Growth - Path of Adventure. Fire Sky Dancer can also work as a hard counter against the decrease skill cooldown effect with oppress and can be used as a counter pick for PvP. 

 Awakened Name: Hwahee

- Main keywords#ATK UP, #DEF DOWN, #HP recovery, #Oppress

- How to use the Monster

Fire Sky Dancer possesses HP recovery and damage skills based on ATK.

When recovering the HP, ATK UP buff is granted and the attack skill grants effects such as DEF DOWN and oppress with a powerful damage, making Fire Sky Dancer a very useful Monster for both attacking and defending.

The recovery amount and the damage increases based on the ATK stats and because the attack skill’s damage is very high, the Rage and Blade Runes, focusing on critical hits, are used on Fire Sky Dancer. But you also have to mainly invest in ATK .

Try using Fire Sky Dancer to grant ATK UP to the allies and DEF DOWN on the bosses to clear the raid with ease!



| So many uses from HP recovery, remove harmful effects to remove beneficial effects! Fire Oracle 


Fire Oracle is an all-rounder Monster with remove beneficial effects, remove harmful effects, and HP recovery. Fire Oracle gains bonus Mana when beneficial effects and harmful effects are removed which enables more usage of skills, making it very useful for both PvE and PvP.

- Awakened Name Juno

- Main keywords: #DMG Based on its MAX HP, #Remove beneficial effect, #Burn, #HP recovery, #Remove harmful effect, #Increase Mana

- How to use the Monster

Fire Oracle is a Monster that can remove both beneficial effects of the boss and harmful effects of the allies.

Fire Oracle is also able to increase Mana with a fixed chance as a passive effect when beneficial effects are removed and is also able to grant Burn.

If you face difficulty clearing raids or dungeons that require you to remove many beneficial/harmful effects with just using endure, shield, etc., try getting Fire Oracle and taking it with you!



That’s all for the must-have Fire/Water/Wind 5★ Monsters that you need to know about, distinguished by attack type, defense type, and support type.


Make sure to get the Monster that you need to enjoy the endless world of Chronicles to the fullest extent!


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