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Serena's Special Guide

CM Serena's Introduction to Light, Dark Fairy Queen
CM Serena 12/04/2023


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


We have prepared the [Fairy Queen's Gifts] event

to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Global Chronicles with our Summoners.


Complete the Repeat Request 2 times, Path of Growth 3 times, and daily missions 1 time every day

and get 5★ Dark Fairy Queen on the 30th day,

and 5★ Light Fairy Queen on the 100th day.


This is our first-ever event to giveaway a 5★ Light/Dark Monster.

We'd like to introduce the appearance and abilities of 5★ Light and Dark Fairy Queen.



Witness the beautiful silhouette of Dark Fairy Queen

and graceful expression of Light Fairy Queen.


We'll ensure to keep you posted with any future updates.


Thank you for being part of Chronicles,

and we hope you continue to enjoy Chronicles even more.


Thank you.


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