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Hello, this is Seung-mok Song, the person in charge of business and operations of Summoners War: Chronicles.
GM Chronicles 07/02/2024


Hello, this is Seung-mok Song, the person in charge of business and operations of Summoners War: Chronicles.

We would like to apologize for causing any misunderstanding regarding the collaboration after the developer's note was released yesterday due to a lack of prior explanation, and would like to provide additional explanation.

I will start with the conclusion and then explain in detail.

The collaboration event scrolls will be available to purchase at half the price of the existing Mystical Scroll.

When using the event scroll, the amount of mileage earned will be doubled as mentioned in the developer's note and the price has also been halved, thus providing a 400% bonus rate.

Now, I’ll explain why it was difficult to share this information in advance.

The first is due to the new Monster that was scheduled to be released with the update on June 27th.

Since I’m a player of the game and in charge of the game business, it was very difficult for me to disclose the information on the event scrolls which were 50% cheaper than the Mystical Scrolls when the release of a new Monster was so close.

The second reason is that we thought that if we revealed an event scroll that is half the price of the current main scroll, Mystical Scroll, at the time of the collaboration release, it would be a surprise gift for Summoners. We apologize once again for unintentionally causing misunderstanding.


In addition, to be clearer on the information regarding the mileage calculation of summoning LD 1,500 times, when the double mileage/half-price is reflected in converting the value of the event scroll to the value of the Mystical Scroll, it’ll equal to be 375 scrolls.

Since many people have been with Chronicles for a long time, we contemplated internally about mentioning the 1,500 summons for a while but we’d still like to apologize as it was a matter that could damage the value of acquiring existing LD Monsters.

Many of us prepared for a long time to bring joy to the Summoners while preparing for a large-scale event, and it was heartwarming to see the joy of the users as each step was revealed.

We are very sorry for causing any misunderstanding due to lack of prior notice, and we will be providing Maximization Marble x2 as compensation for our apology.

From now on, we will make efforts to disclose collaboration events first to the extent permitted by contract to avoid any misunderstandings.

Although there are still many shortcomings, we will strive to make Chronicles a little better each day through continuous communication with our users.

Thank you as always.

PS. 2 event scrolls will be exchanged as 1 Mystical Scroll when the event ends, as the value of the event scroll is half of the Mystical Scroll. We will provide more detailed information on the post-measures to be taken on the scrolls in the future.


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