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Apr. 22nd Temporary Maintenance Notice (Complete)
GM Chronicles 04/22/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


A temporary maintenance will be held on Apr. 22nd.


Please note that the game will be unavailable during the maintenance period. We kindly ask you to close the game in a safe location before the maintenance starts.

Please check the details below.


Apr. 22nd Temporary Maintenance Notice


▶ Maintenance Schedule


Apr. 22nd 5:30am ~ 6:30am 6:10am (UTC-4, EDT)


Apr. 22nd 11:30am ~ 12:30pm 12:10pm (UTC+2, CEST)


Apr. 22nd 4:30pm ~ 5:30pm 5:10pm (UTC+7, ICT)


Apr. 22nd 6:30pm ~ 7:30pm 7:10pm (UTC+9, JST)


▶ Maintenance Reward

- Energy x200, Raid Ticket x3

* Please connect to the game within 24 hours after the maintenance ends to collect the reward.

* We'll notify you again with this notice if the reward changes due to extended maintenance, etc.


▶ Target Servers

- All


▶ Maintenance Details

- The following issue will be fixed.

  · The issue of the buff being accumulated while playing the Hero Raid in certain situations 

* The Hero Raid Rank Battle record will be reset to delete the inaccurate clear times that were affected by the buff accumulation. We'll provide 3 Raid Tickets to the users that participated in the raid already to be registered on the ranking as the maintenance reward. 

  · The issue of the Leave Button not working when you end the Guild Raid


※ Please Read

- The game will be unavailable during maintenance.

- Please make sure to exit the game in a safe location before maintenance begins.

- Maintenance schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be notified through this notice.

- The Challenge Arena (World) will be unavailable until the maintenance ends in all regions regardless of the region you're playing in when the maintenance begins.




We will do our best to provide a better service.


Thank you.


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