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April Update Preview
GM Chronicles 03/29/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.

Two updates are being prepared for April on 4th and 18th.

We’ll also be holding an event for April Fools’ Day and we hope you enjoy the event.


First, let’s start with the update that’ll be released on Apr. 4th.


Amelia and Xellos will be added for the Slayers TRY Collaboration event.


Amelia, the Wind Knight, is able to recover ally’s HP, increase ATK SPD, increase CRIT RES, decrease CRIT DMG, remove enemy’s beneficial effects, grant stun, and decrease movement SPD. Amelia can also grant spell shield on all allies in the Arena and Siege Battle.


Amelia, the Light Knight, is able to recover ally’s HP, increase ATK SPD, remove team member’s harmful effects, reflect DMG, revive team members, and grant Endure on the revived team member. Amelia can also increase received recovery of the allies who’re reflecting DMG and increase DMG, and grant reflect DMG on the ally who’s in the Endure state.


Water Magician Xellos is able to increase DMG based on evasion, decrease target’s Precision, grant unrecoverable if evasion exceeds a certain value, remove beneficial effects with a fixed chance, and decrease DEF. Xellos will also move back to use the skill with a fixed chance when attacked with a basic attack.


Dark Magician Xellos is able to increase DMG based on HP, grant electric shock, remove beneficial effects, enhance skill effects based on the dark energy, and dark energy is increased when enemies and allies of Light attribute use skills. 



A new system where Summoners of the same Affiliation can share the level using Crystals will be added.

The amount of Crystals required will increase based on the level.

Cleaf, Orbia, Kina, and Soleta of the Rahil Guards will be able to share the level of the character with the highest level.

Heath won’t be able to use the system since there are no other Summoners of the White Shadow Mercenary, yet.


Outfits and outfit effects will be separately managed.

The outfit effect will still be activated automatically when outfits are purchased or crafted but you’ll also be able to apply the outfit effect separately without having to purchase or craft outfits and just by using crafting materials.

If the effect is activated before purchasing the outfit, the cost used for the effect will be refunded.

As the outfit effect system is changed so that you can apply the effect without the outfit, the Summoner outfits sold in the shop will become available to purchase permanently instead of being able to craft after 3 months, starting April.


You’ll also be able to purchase the outfit effect that’s been activated with a Summoner with Gold for another Summoner.

If you craft outfits or outfit effects with Cleaf, you’ll be able to share the outfit effect by using Gold.

We hope the new system helps with enhancing various Summoners.


Three Monsters will be displayed on the right as it was done previously so that you can change Soul Link Monsters with ease even when you’re using the 1-person mode in the Battlefield.

3 Monsters will be displayed even when you use the 1-person mode, and only the Soul Link Monsters will be displayed. You’ll be able to change the Monster quickly according to the situation with the UI improvement.


Friend Battle will be added to the Moon Shadow Forest and Howling Cliff and you’ll also be able to select 1-person, Battlefield, or sports mode, along with proceeding with a multiple-win method. 


The Guild Siege Battle will now be held once a week.

The first half will be held Monday afternoon to Tuesday evening, and the second half will be held Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening.

This will be applied starting with the newly starting season.

Please note that a new Guild content will be added in May as well. 


The story of Water Oracle and Water Magic Knight will be added to Joshua’s Bookshelf.


You’ll now be able to increase the play speed in Kota’s Great Adventure and the Red Magictech Bike will be sent to those who rank higher than Rank 100.


We’ll move on to convenience and other improvements.

The 2x speed function will be added for the Profession Crafting.

You can now use reply and copy functions for chat messages.

The beginner user display will be added on the chat for new users and returning users with battle power that’s lower than the designated value, and the beginner user buff will be provided.

The design of the Monster Piece Exchange Shop will be revamped.

You’ll now be able to purchase Monster transmogrifications separately by Attribute in the Shop.

My Rank display will be added for the Path of Adventure and Expedition, and a display has been added for the dungeons with no participation in the weekly ranking.

The Rune stats will be excluded in the Galagos Ruins so that users will no longer have to move Runes to Monsters with lower grades, and bonus stats will be granted according to the level, awakening level, book level, and affinity level.

A new wish Rune function will be added. You’ll be able to select the Rune with the property of your choice and the selected Runes can be checked via a separate tab. 

The battlefield matchmaking alert will be enhanced, and you can change the settings to use the vibration function in game settings.


You’ll be able to get the Vagabond’s transmogrification from an event starting the second week of April. 


Next, we’ll move on to the update planned for Apr. 18th.


The Hero Raid will be revamped, and a new Mythic Raid will be added. A new raid boss will be added for the Mythic Raid.

The Hero Raid will be changed to a single-player content, and 3 random bosses will appear instead of 1 boss every week.

You’ll be able to select either to enter a normal battle or a battle with higher difficulty.


The name of the new Mythic Raid’s boss is Abysis.

Abysis is a very difficult raid boss, and you’ll have to fight as a party.

The reward will vary based on the defeat order. The rewards will increase as you defeat the boss faster, so try to defeat the boss as fast as you can.

Blessing buffs will be activated when the designated week is passed to help more Summoners to defeat Abysis.

The Abysis Mythic Raid will proceed for about 4 months. Afterwards, Abysis will become a Hero Raid and a new stronger boss will be added to the Mythic Raid. 


New Shiny Mythic weapon and sub-weapons will be added.

The efficiency will be the same as the existing weapons, but they’ll have a 5th PvP specific property just like the Mythic Runes, and they can be acquired only from defeating Abysis. 


New White Night Summon will be added where you can summon Light/Dark Monsters with a guaranteed chance.

The first set of Monsters for the White Night Summon will be Light Paladin and Dark Panda Warrior.

The White Night Summon can be performed with the newly added White Night Scroll.

If you fail to acquire the target Monster with a total of 200 summons, you’ll be able to get the target Monster on the 200th time with a guaranteed chance.

Unlike the existing pickup summon system where the mileage remains even after the Monster is summoned, the Summon Circle will close and become unavailable to use when the target Monster is summoned. 

Only the target Monsters will appear for the Light/Dark Monsters.

Users who already have the target Monsters (Including those who acquired the target Monsters with normal summon before the pickup summoning period ended) won’t be able to use the White Night Summon but will be able to use the Light and Dark Transcendence Summon once for free.

The White Night Summon is a system that aids with summoning the Light/Dark Monsters that are hard to get for the first time. Since using the Altar's Blessing is cheaper for repetitive summons, repetitive acquisition won’t be available with the White Night Summon. 


Three new stories will be added for Joshua’s Bookshelf.


Valkyrja’s Legendary Artifact will be added.


Transmogrifications will be added for Fairy King and Unicorn.


Butler and maid concept outfits will be added for Summoners. 


We’re grateful that the Summoners are enjoying the global 1-year event and the Slayers TRY collaboration event.

We’ll continue to work on providing an exciting gaming experience.

Personal housing and real-time Guild rival battle will be updated in May.




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