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March Upcoming Updates Notice
GM Chronicles 03/01/2024


Hello, this is Summoners War: Chronicles PD Eun-jae Lee.


Please read below for a preview of the updates for March.


March celebrates the 1-year anniversary of Chronicles’ global release. We will be holding a global launch 1-year anniversary event from Mar. 7th.


First, we will be holding an event where you can select 1 out of 6 Light/Dark Monsters to acquire.

The Monsters that will be provided with the event have been selected by voting, and they’re Light Polar Queen, Light Monkey King, Light Oracle, Dark Mermaid, Dark Magic Knight, and Dark Hell Lady.

Make sure to participate to get the Light/Dark Monster you couldn’t get your hands on since this is the first guaranteed free summon event for Light/Dark Monsters.



Second, Kota’s Great Adventure! Minigame Mode (event) will be held.

This is a minigame that’s different from any other content in Chronicles. You’ll be operating Kota, and not the Summoner, to proceed.

You’ll be able to get various rewards according to the progress of the stage. Magictech Bike is also available as a reward, so make sure to participate.

The rank will be determined in the order of highest to lowest score, and you’ll also get bonus rewards based on the rank.



Thirdly, 8 types of 1-year anniversary event dungeons (5 difficulty levels each) will be added. Make sure to challenge yourself to the new event dungeons and get various rewards.

You’ll be able to get the 1-year anniversary special box through the minigame and the event dungeon, and the 1-year anniversary special box will work similarly to the new year lucky pouch reward.


Fourthly, a special event will be held where a designated amount of Crystals will be refunded based on the amount you use during the specified period.


The rupture will be revamped, and a new rupture will be added.

The Path of Oblivion, which was only available to enter during the weekends, will be modified for weekly-basis entrance just like the Special Expedition, and the “Great Elemental’s Shrine,” which is a higher level rupture of the Path of Oblivion, will be added.

The Great Elemental’s Shrine is a dungeon with random boss & buff, along with unpredictable traps. Complete the Great Elemental’s Shrine to collect Artifacts and Artifact Seals.


Monster transmogrifications will be added.

Academic Affairs Director Fairy Queen and Student Council Leader Pirate Captain will be added and Policeman Penguin Knight will be added as an event.



Affinity repetitive quests will be added to help users increase Monster affinity levels.


The field event will be modified so that participation will count per account and not per character. We will be increasing the reward than before to make up for the change.


Please note that the changes will be made so that users won’t have to participate in the field event multiple times with different characters.


The following is related to the transformation system.

The cooldown was applied to 30 seconds for all transformations to minimize the inconvenience of waiting for the cooldown since the cooldown is applied even when you remove the transformation before the duration ends.

The system has been modified so that users can transform again if the transformation was removed before the duration time has ended, so the cooldown will be reapplied to the original figures in the future.


The following is related to improvements.

You’ll now be able to apply different account skills for each Summoner.

You’ll now be able to load the Monster list that you used before in the Altar's Blessing.

You’ll now be able to sell items stored in the storage as well when you sell items.

A new function to let you know the appropriate Artifact for each Summoner will be added, and improvements will be made so that you can equip the Artifact if you possess the provided Artifact.


The second March update will be released around Mar. 22nd.

The Japanese animation collaboration will be held for about 6 weeks, which was mentioned earlier this year.

3 Monsters will be released in advance among a total of 5 Monsters, and 2 additional Monsters will be released after 2 weeks in order.

Each of the 5 characters will possess the Light or Dark attribute, and you’ll be able to acquire the Light/Dark Monsters by increasing the Affinity of the possessed Fire/Water/Wind attributes since it won’t be easy to draw Light/Dark Monsters during the collaboration period.

Make sure to increase the Affinity of the Fire/Water/Wind attributes even after the collaboration period ends to acquire the Light/Dark Monsters.


The Global Challenge Arena will be opened.

All Summoners will be able to enter the Challenge Arena regardless of the region (Asia, Europe, Japan, North America, etc.), and the ranking system will be applied after a testing period due to stability issues.


Monster balancing will be modified.

The skill of Beetle Knight will be modified to fight against dealers with Root and DMG based on DEF.

The skills of archer and magician Monsters with low usage, such as Fire Dragon, Water Vampire, Fire Joker, Wind Joker, Water Ifrit, Dark Phoenix, Dark Nine-tailed Fox, etc., will be modified.

Fire Paladin’s skill will also be modified since the Monster seems to be too powerful.

Summoner Heath’s PvE stats will be increased, and the survival ability will be enhanced for PvP.

1 new skill will be added to all Summoners.


Joker exclusive Legendary Artifact will be added.


Emperor Beast Monk will be provided as the Galagos Ruins ranking reward.


Art Book exclusive outfits will be given out. The art book will be sold in an e-book format, and you’ll be able to collect the outfit when you purchase it.


That’s all for the March update preview.

We hope you enjoy the various events that we’ve prepared to celebrate the global 1 year anniversary, and we’ll also do our best to make the collaboration event a fun experience for all users.

In April, the raid system will be modified and a new raid boss for party-play will be added so please stay tuned.


Thank you.


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