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January Upcoming Updates Notice
GM Chronicles 01/08/2024


Warm New Year’s Greetings from the producer of Summoners War: Chronicles.


I would like to introduce the updates planned for the month of January.


2 new Transformations will be added. 

Transform into Water Sky Dancer and Fire Beetle Knight to increase the speed of gathering and mining, respectively.


Legendary Artifact pick-up will start for Vampire Hunter for each attribute.


Archangel’s transmogrification will be added.


Starting from the January update, you can get a 5★ Fire/Water/Wind Monster of your choice, instead of a specific Monster, when you purchase the Summoner Pass. (This applies to Monsters released 3 months ago or later) 


The new Summoner Heath will be introduced with the last update in January.

Heath is a single-target melee DPS that mainly uses Evasion as the source of its power. He can use interesting skills, such as Stealth and Steal.

Hailing from the White Shadow Mercenaries, Heath's background sets him apart from the existing Summoners trained at the Rahil School of Magic. You'll have the opportunity to meet Heath after progressing the Casslan Story with one of the existing Summoners. From that point onward, you can embark on a new storyline centered around Heath and his life as a White Shadow Mercenary. Reflecting his mercenary nature, he starts at Lv. 80, and you won't undergo the Quest Scenarios that existing Summoners experienced.


The maximum level for both Summoners and Monsters will be expanded to level 90.

For Summoners, since they inherit their existing Transcendence levels, there won't be a need for additional materials to unlock the maximum level.

As for Monsters, you can unlock the maximum level using Rainbowmons and the Breath of Souls.


3 new dungeons and a field will be added to the Sierra region. New Area Exploration Quests and Story will be added as well with the update.


A new Monster, Fairy King will be added.

Fire Fairy King, a mage-type Monster, consumes its HP to deal a powerful single attack, and uses a link skill to an airborne-target. 

Water Fairy King, a mage-type Monster, has a self-revive skill. It can use a more powerful AoE attack after reviving and reset all its skill cooldown.

Wind Fairy King, a support-type Monster, reduces the skill cooldown of team members greatly and increases the target’s skill cooldown.

Light Fairy King, an archer-type Monster, removes the target’s beneficial effects, uses Invincibility under certain circumstances, and reduces the skill cooldown of team members within the area.

Dark Fairy King, an archer-type Monster, reduces its skill cooldown upon using weak point attack. It can steal the target’s beneficial effects and deal damage that ignores beneficial effects upon stealing. When it’s provoked, it increases its ATK SPD and counterattacks.


Hard levels will see an expansion from 2 to 5 for the Path of Growth - Path of Adventure, and 2 additional Hard levels will be introduced for the Path of Training.

In the final level, rankings will be calculated based on the completion time, and weekly ranking rewards will be introduced. To accommodate this change, the criteria for the Quick Battle in the final level will be raised by 40% compared to the previous levels.

In the new difficulty level of the Path of Adventure, you'll have the opportunity to acquire Mythic Runes as well as Runes in an unappraised state. Mythic Runes share the same stat format as Legendary Runes, but they possess 5 sub-properties instead of 4, with one of these sub-properties being specialized for PvP.

Unappraised Runes will become account-bound upon appraisal, and these unappraised Runes can be listed on the exchange center.

New difficulty levels will also be introduced to Expeditions and Special Expeditions. In this enhanced difficulty, you can earn Conversion Stones, which can be used to change the sub-properties of Runes.

Conversion Stone can be used to randomly change one of the sub properties of a Enhancement Lv. 12+ Rune.


Transmogrification for Sylph, Harp Magician, and Beetle Knight will be added.


A new mode will be introduced to the Battlefield, alongside the existing mode and sports mode, where you can select only one type of Monster.

The battle system in the Challenge Arena is undergoing modifications. During trial challenges, you'll have manual control, while auto-battles will be conducted against opponents with similar or lower PWR. The PWR threshold for trial challenges is set to be lowered compared to the current standards.


Galagos will undergo a revamp.

It will be split into two areas: the Basic Area and the Ranking Area. The Basic Area remains the same as the pre-revamp Galagos, with identical rewards and playtime.

The Ranking Area offers endless challenges, and your season ranking will be determined based on the level you achieve by the season's end. Quick battles will be introduced, and artifacts will receive significant updates. The sources for acquiring artifacts of various rarities will be limited, so it's advisable to choose them wisely.


We're introducing a Temporary Artifact Storage feature to alleviate inventory space constraints. Additionally, we're planning to implement a feature that allows you to evolve, awaken, and enhance Monster skills collectively, greatly enhancing overall convenience.


We sincerely appreciate your continued support for Chronicles and wish you a new year filled with luck and happiness!


Thank you.

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