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Apr. 4th Update Known Issues Notice
GM Chronicles 04/04/2024

※ The Guild Siege Battle will be suspended in the Asia Region. This is to proceed with the score adjustment in order to resolve the score imbalance issue that’s being experienced with the scores between regions after the Guild Siege Battle season reset and region integration.

Greetings from the <Summoners War: Chronicles> team!


We would like to inform you of the known issues that occurred after the Apr. 4th update.


We will do our best to resolve the issues and will notify you via this notice once they have been resolved.


Please check below for more details.


Apr. 4th Update Known Issues Notice


- The issue where the login screen is displayed repeatedly when you sign in with Google account that does not have a default image for a profile picture
 · You can sign in normally by setting the 'Choose a user to see my profile picture' option to 'Anyone'.
 · Google [Account] → [Personal Info] → [Profile Photo] menu, set to 'Anyone'

- The issue of the selection slot being changed to the first item on the top-left when you change the growth material in the Piece Exchange Shop.
* Please make sure to double-check the item when you make exchanges at the shop with Pieces to avoid any issues.


Resolved Issues


- The following content will be unavailable temporarily due to an issue. We’ll resolve the issue as soon as possible and put up another notice.
· Guild Siege Battle (ASIA)

- The issue of the [Galagos Season Open Event] not being displayed.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the in-game issue. 

We will do our best to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.


Thank you for your understanding.


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