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April Update Information
GM Chronicles 03/30/2023


Greetings from the <Summoners War: Chronicles> team!


Today, we are here to inform all our Summoners of the upcoming update schedule in April.


In April, there will be two major updates that provide some amazing content.


Let's take a look at what news awaits! 


* The content and information described in the Developer’s Note are currently under development and are subject to change.


April 5 (Wed) Scheduled Update 


▌New Continent: Kontana 



Kontana, the land of the ancients, is coming to Chronicles. 


Kontana features a new environment and new characters that have never been seen before, and concludes the journey of the Rahil Guard pursuing Tefo who was in possession of the Argas’ Eye.


As Kontana is added, contents such as Area Exploration and Repeat Requests will also be added. A new field boss, ‘Tyra’, will also appear. When Tyra appears, an interesting event will occur in the field, so be sure to participate in the Field Boss battle.


To celebrate the addition of Kontana, a variety of events will also be waiting for our Summoners and one of the event rewards is a 3★ Fairy Transmogrification.



If you are curious and want more information about the new continent Kontana, you can also check out the developer interview video below.



▌Summoner Skill Expansion


One Summoner skill will be added to each of the Water/Fire/Wind attributes.


■ Orbia

1. (Fire) Meteor Strike
: Inflicts wide-area damage centered on the enemy target and inflicts continuous burn damage in the area. Stuns the burned target on hit.


2. (Water) Frozen Ground 
: Inflicts wide area damage centered on yourself twice. Inflicts movement reduction and knockback on the first hit, and roots the enemy with a certain probability on the second hit.


3. (Wind) Tornado
: Inflicts damage centered on the enemy target 3 times, and the tornado moves for a certain period of time, dealing damage to nearby enemies as well. Inflicts additional shock damage, and if the target has more than a certain number of debuffs, additional damage that penetrates defense will be dealt.


■ Kina

1. (Fire) Fairy's Blessing 
: Applies continuous healing while stacking fire energy on yourself 3 times, and grants Recovery and Accelerate (Skill Cooldown Reduction) to summoned Monsters.


2. (Water) Snow Day
: Applies 3 stacks of water energy on yourself while inflicting movement speed and attack speed reduction to the enemy target. Heals allies and greatly increases the attack speed and hit chance of teammates with high attack speed.

3. (Wind) Sanctuary of Life
: Heal allies while stacking the energy of wind on yourself 3 times. If the heal target is a summoner, the amount healed is increased. Increases the accuracy rate of allies centered on yourself and grants immunity to teammates with HP above a certain percentage.


■ Cleaf

1. (Fire) Blaze
: Inflicts damage and burn effect to enemies in front of you, and if the target is a creature, the received critical damage increases. If you have Heal Over Time, you can Silence enemies.


2. (Water) Frozen Armor
: Grants the energy of water to oneself, reduces damage dealt from surrounding enemies, and freezes enemies with reduced attack power with a certain probability. While possessing the energy of water, there is a certain chance of freezing enemies that hit you.

3. (Wind) Wind Boomerang
: Inflicts damage on enemies in front of you and instantly increases your defense by the number of hits. After that, additional damage is dealt in proportion to defense, and if the target is a creature, the final damage is increased. If your defense is above a certain level, a shield is applied to nearby allies excluding yourself.


▌Path of Adventure Expansion 


Two Levels of [Hard] mode will be added to Path of Adventure.
In Hard mode, the new boss Kamari will appear and you can acquire 6★ runes as described below. 



In addition to the 6★ runes, materials for making new costumes based on the Kontana concept will also be added. 



▌Rune Expansion and Rune Alchemy Added


Along with the addition of two new runes, the maximum rune star grade has been expanded to 6 stars and a rune alchemy system will be added.


The two new runes are [Destroy] and [Shield], and [Destroy] has the effect of destroying the target's maximum HP by a certain percentage of the damage inflicted. [Shield] creates a shield with a certain percentage of attack at the start of battle and regenerates after cooldown.


The 6★ runes can be acquired from the newly added [Hard] levels of Path of Adventure, so Summoners who want to be more powerful should try the new [Hard] difficulty. 


Rune Alchemy consists of Rune Crafting / Rune Succession / Rune Combination / Rune Disassembly, and are briefly explained as follows. 

- Rune Crafting: Craft the desired runes by gathering materials. Replaces rune crafting that was in [Alchemy] - Profession.

- Rune Succession: Part of a maximally enhanced runes, applied Effect Stones, and Magic Stones can be transferred to 6★ Legendary Rune.

- Rune Combination: Obtain a new rune by combining 3 runes of the same star grade and rarity.

- Rune Disassembly: Rune Disassembly, which was previously available in the Rune menu, will be moved to Rune Alchemy.


▌Other Improvements


■ Expedition

A hard mode consisting of one level will be added to Expedition content, and the rewards will be increased accordingly. 

Special Expeditions will be changed from 20 times a day to 7 times a week, greatly increasing rewards for each time.
Through Special Expeditions, you can acquire various rare materials such as 6★ runes and Flame Hearts. 


■ Battlefield

Battlefield will be changed to a seasonal system. As the season progresses on a weekly basis, the rankings will be calculated according to the season. At the end of the season, depending on your rank, you will be rewarded with Sky Stones and Crystals.

Also, special ranks will be granted to Summoners who achieve the highest rank until the end of the next season.

Additionally, you can check details about the opposing team, and you can also check whether or not you are in a party. 


■ Galagos Ruins

Galagos Ruins will be improved so that you can choose your own restrictions on Summoners, Monsters, and creatures except for team formation in Magical Order. The higher the difficulty of the Order you choose, the greater the rewards.


■ Gathering 

Lizardman is working hard to help the summoner in mining and gathering, but it seems to be lacking. Therefore, for the convenience of our Summoners, an automatic gathering/mining system will be added. The number of automatic gathering/mining per day will be determined in proportion to the Summoner's Account Level.


■ Others
- Sky Stones will be added as support rewards for Elite Raids. 
- Improvements will be made so that the Summoner weapon attribute can be changed on the Monster team formation screen.

- After completing the Challenge Arena, you will be able to select your opponent immediately. This will allow quick battles without extra map loading.



April 19 (Wed) Scheduled Update 


▌Guild Town



A Guild Town will be added where Guild Members can gather and participate in various guild-related convenience features.

When you reach Guild Level 5, the entrance to the Guild Town will be activated and you can move there from the Guild Home menu.

In the Guild Town, you can use the hot spring, fishing ground, and explorer as well as other guild-related functions.

At the fishing spot, you can catch fish that can only be obtained through field events, and you can also search for fish types through the explorer.

In the future, various elements such as decorating functions will be provided.

We hope you gather at the Guild Town and have a good time with your Guild Members.


▌Monster Transmogrification: 5★ Occult Girl / 4★ Mystic Witch 


New Transmogrifications of Occult Girl and Mystic Witch will be based on a fairy tale concept.


▌Share Skill Points Within Your Account


Skill Points will be shared with all characters on your account. Skill points acquired through leveling up will be applied based on the character with the highest skill point among the characters in the account.. 

Points acquired using Skill Books will be applied to all characters as much as the number of points used per account, and if the points exceed the points that can be acquired with the skill book, the excess amount will be returned as a skill book.

With this change, sales of character-only skill books sold at the Ascensions shops will end, and existing character-only skill books will change to increase skill points regardless of the Summoner when used.


▌Other Improvements

■ Combination

The scope of application of the combination system will be further expanded. From 5-star or higher legendary grade, you can combine 3 pieces of equipment to obtain 1 piece of equipment of the same level, and you will obtain the same type of equipment as the main material.

Galaxy Stones, Magic Stones, and Effect Stones can be combined in a similar way to existing gems, and like gems, higher grades can be obtained upon great success.


■ Auto-clear Function 

The Auto-clear feature will be supported in Essence Dungeon, Path of Growth, and Expedition content. After successfully clearing 10 times, if the difference between the required combat power is more than 40%, you can immediately obtain rewards by consuming an Auto-clear ticket without battling.

The Auto-clear ticket will be added as a daily task and as a reward for the Summoner Pass, and will be applied from the next season after the current season ends.


■ Brawl Arena Ban Pick Rules

Brawl Arena ban pick rules will be changed.
In the past, each person selected four types of Monsters and then banned one Monster. Now, each player will select a total of 5 types of Monsters, ban 1 of the opponent's Monsters, and then select 3 of the remaining 4 types to participate.


■ Others
- The rank of the most used Monsters will be displayed on the dungeon entry screen, and when selected, you can move to the statistics screen to obtain information on clearing the dungeon.
- After a party dungeon ends, a button to return to the waiting room will be added so that you can proceed continuously with the existing party members.

- A function to display the health bar and buffs/debuffs of party member summoners and Monsters will be added. When using this function, the frame rate may drop slightly, so it is recommended to use it only on devices with a certain performance or higher.

- A function will be added to re-challenge even if you lose in repeat battles.



Details of the content mentioned in this Developer Note above can be found in the Update Notes that will be posted in the future.


We hope you look forward to all the content that will be added to the game as we will always communicate and work hard as your Chronicles team.


Thank you.

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