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June Last Update D-day Coupon Gift Notice
CM Luna 06/21/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


We'll be giving out a special coupon reward to celebrate the last update in June which includes a new continent, MAX level expansion, new Monster and other various content!


Please read below for more info.


June Last Update D-day Coupon Gift Notice


▶ Coupon Details

Coupon Code Start Date

Coupon Code

Coupon Code Reward

Jun. 21st


Angelmon Selection Box x20

Premium EXP Potion x200

Jun. 23rd


6★ Mythic Rune Selection Box x3

Legend Conversion Stone Selection Box x10

Gold x1,000,000

Jun. 25th


Breath of Soul x10

5★ Rainbowmon x24

Gold x500,000

Jun. 27th


Essence Selection Box x400

Breath of Life x800

Gold x500,000


▶ Coupon code valid until


Jul. 19th 10:59am (UTC-4, EDT)


Jul. 19th 4:59pm (UTC+2, CEST)


Jul. 19th 9:59pm (UTC+7, ICT)


Please Note!
- The coupon code can be used once per account.
- The reward will be sent to the Inbox when you use the coupon and the reward will be stored for 7 days in the Inbox.
- Rewards won't be sent if you fail to use the coupon code during the event period.



That's all for the June Last Update D-day Coupon Gift Notice.
Make sure to participate in the event and get the special rewards!



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