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《MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL》Winning Server Prediction Event Notice
CM Luna 05/13/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


🔴 The fierce battle between 3 servers will be held on May 18th 2am EDT.


We've prepared the 《MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL》 Winning Server Prediction Event to help you enjoy the tournament to the fullest extent and get special rewards.
Please read below for more info.


《MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL》 Winning Server Prediction Event Notice


▶ Event Period


Until May 18th 3:59am (UTC-4, EDT)


Until May 18th 9:59am (UTC+2, CEST)


Until May 18th 2:59pm (UTC+7, ICT)


▶ Event Details
- Predict the winning server of the 《MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL》 that begins on May 18th to get rewards! You'll get a bonus reward if you make a successful prediction.


▶ How to participate
- Use the vote function below to predict the winning server among the 3 servers in the Asia region participating in the 《MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL》.


▶ Event Reward



Participation Reward

Energy x200

Quick Battle Permit x20


Successful Prediction Reward

Fire Scroll x1

Water Scroll x1

Wind Scroll x1

Crystal (Free) x1,000

▶ <Maecolif Invitational> Bracket Revealed!
* Check out the list of players who'll be participating in the tournament to represent the Ariel, Verdehile, and Lupinus servers!


Please Note!
- Participation is limited to once per account.
- Your selection can't be changed once submitted.
- The event reward will be sent to the Inbox of the account that you used to participate in the event when the event ends.
* Please collect the reward with the character you'd like to collect the reward with. (Stored for 7 days upon connecting with a character)
- The event schedule and details are subject to change and will be notified when they're changed.



Which server will win in the 《MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL》?
Make sure to watch the tournament to find out!




Vote now! Expired
1. Predict the winning server of the MAECOLIF INVITATIONAL held on May 18th.

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