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Slayers TRY x Summoners War: Chronicles Point Exchange Event
CM Luna 03/21/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


We've prepared a special event to celebrate the Slayer TRY collaboration!


Check in every day and use Energy to get various rewards you can use to get stronger!


Please read below for more info.

Slayers TRY x Summoners War: Chronicles Point Exchange Event


▶ Event Period

- Mar. 21st - May 1st 2:59pm UTC

* You can use points from Event No. 1 - 3 until May 1st 2:59pm UTC, but you won't be able to make exchanges afterwards.

▶ Event Details

- Complete missions every day to get points!

- Give 10pts to Slayers TRY characters to get the event reward.

* You can check this event via [Main Page] ▶ [Megaphone icon on the right side of the minimap] ▶ [Collab Point Exchange Shop] event banner.

▶ How to participate


Available Points

Today's MAX Limit

Play the game



Use Energy



▶ Event Reward (No. 1: Mar. 21st - Apr. 3rd)

Send a gift to Lina

Send a gift to Gourry

Gold ×200000

Premium EXP Potion ×300

Gold ×400000

Premium EXP Potion ×600

Gold ×600000

Breath of Life ×1000

Gold ×800000

5★ Rainbowmon ×24

Gold ×1200000

5★ Rainbowmon ×48

5★ Devilmon ×2

Restoration Stone ×2

▶ Event Reward (No. 2: Apr. 4th - Apr. 17th)

Send a gift to Amelia

Send a gift to Zelgadis

Energy ×200

Energy of Transcendence ×5

Energy ×400

Energy of Chaos ×5

Energy ×600

Energy of Harmony ×5

Energy ×800

Magic Symbol Box ×5

Quick Battle Permit ×80

Rare Symbol Box ×3

Quick Battle Permit ×120

Hero Symbol Box ×1


▶ Event Reward (No. 3: Apr. 18th - May 1st 2:59pm UTC)

Send a gift to Xellos

Celebrate Slayers TRY collaboration

Selective Spell Book Ⅳ ×10

Enhancement Shard ×2000

Supreme Galaxy Stone Selection Box ×10

Refine Stone ×6000

Supreme Sun Stone Selection Box ×10

Preservation Stone ×200

Supreme Moon Stone Selection Box ×10

Sky Stone ×200000

Supreme Selective Handwork Gem ×10

Durability Restoration Stone ×100

Ultimate Treasure Selection Box ×1

Refining Catalyst ×1


※ Please Note!

- There may be a 5 to 10-minute wait before points are accurately reflected.

- Event rewards can be claimed at the account (shared) Inbox for 7 days.

- Please obtain the rewards through the event participation account since it is not possible to participate in the event multiple times.

- Please make sure to claim rewards with the event participation account.



That's it for the event details.


Make sure to check out the various collaboration special events held in Summoners War: Chronicles!




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