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๐Ÿ† Global Service 1-year Special ยซSummoner of the Centuryยป ๐Ÿ†
CM Luna 03/08/2024


Greetings from Com2uS!


Summoners War: Chronicles will be celebrating its 1-year anniversary of global service on Mar. 9th.
We'd like to thank all Summoners who've been with us and who'll continue to be with us in the future.


To thank all Summoners, we've prepared a special banner for the [TOP 1 Summoners with highest Battle Power].


Use the <Summoner of the Century> coupon which will be revealed to celebrate the special event to get the Legendary Scroll and the Mystical Scroll Selection Box.


Check out the highest Battle Power rank now to feel the dignity of the Summoners of the Century!

๐Ÿ† Global Service 1-year Special ยซSummoner of the Centuryยป ๐Ÿ†

* The ranking has been tallied using the MAX battle power record during Jan. 31st 7am PST - Feb. 27th 6:59am PST.
ยทThe battle power includes only the buffs that are applied all the time. (EX. Account level, The Ascensions, Book, etc.)
* Please note that Korea region's data is shown separately from the Asia region since the data was collected before the region integration.
* The banner was produced using the [Summoner Name], [Customization], and [Costume] that was recorded on Mar. 4th, 2024.


โ–ถ Coupon Reward

Coupon Code



Legendary Scroll x3

Mystical Scroll Selection Box x9


โ–ถ Coupon expiration date


Until Apr. 5th 10:59am (UTC-4, EDT)


Until Apr. 5th 4:59pm (UTC+2, CEST)


Until Apr. 5th 9:59pm(UTC+7, ICT)


Until Apr. 5th 11:59pm(UTC+9, JST)


Please Note!
- The coupon code can be used once per account.
- The reward will be sent to the Inbox when you use the coupon and the reward will be stored for 7 days in the Inbox.
- Rewards won't be sent if you fail to use the coupon code during the event period.

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