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Mar. 27th Patch Notice
GM Chronicles 03/27/2024


Greetings from <Summoners War: Chronicles>.


A patch will be performed without maintenance on Mar. 27th.


You will be able to play the game during the patch,

but please exit the game and restart to download the data to ensure a stable environment.


Mar. 27th Patch Notice


▶ Schedule


Mar. 27th 1:30am ~ 2am 1:45pm (UTC-4, EDT)


Mar. 27th 6:30am ~ 7am 6:45pm (UTC+1, CET)


Mar. 27th 12:30pm ~ 1pm 12:45pm (UTC+7, ICT)


Mar. 27th 2:30pm ~ 3pm 2:45pm (UTC+9, JST)


▶ Target Servers

- All


▶Patch Details

- Challenge Arena (World) Server Stabilization

  · Challenge Arena (World) will become unavailable until the patch is over.

* Please note that data download will be held upon reconnecting to the game after the patch.




We will do our best to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.


Thank you.


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