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YouTube Subscription Event Notice
CM Luna 03/07/2023


Greetings Summoners,


We have prepared a YouTube channel subscription event
as the global opening of Summoners War: Chronicles is right around the corner.



▌ YouTube Subscription Event Notice

▶ YouTube Subscription Event Notice
● Event Period
Mar. 7th 6pm - Mar. 19th 12:59pm (UTC+9)
Mar. 7th 4pm - Mar. 19th 10:59am (UTC+7)
Mar. 7th 10am - Mar. 19th 4:59am (UTC+1)


▶ Event Details
- Anyone who subscribe to the Summoners War: Chronicles YouTube channel and verify their subscription will receive rewards.


▶ How to Participate
- Subscribe to the YouTube channel (GO)
- Verify your subscription to the YouTube channel (GO)
- Check the reward coupon sent to the email address you entered after the event ends
- Enter the coupon in the game to receive the reward.

▶ Event Reward


100,000 Gold

※ Please Read
- Please note that participation after the event period will not be accepted.
- Only one participation per account is allowed for this event.
- You cannot participate in the event if you do not check the consent to use personal information.
- You will not receive the reward if you fail to enter a correct email address.
- The rewards will be sent sequentially after all events have ended.



We ask for your interest and participation in this event.


Thank you.

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