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View All Available Coupons (Updated on 06/11)
CM Luna 12/16/2022


Greetings from the <Summoners War: Chronicles> team!


Here, you can find the list of currently available coupons.


We will keep you updated through this notice whenever a new coupon is revealed or nearing expiry.


Please check below for the list of currently available coupons!



▌View All Available Coupons (Updated on 06/11)


Available Coupon List 

Coupon Code


Usage Period



Refine Stone x2,000

Preservation Stone x100

Magic Dust x3

6★ Hero Rune Box x6

- 07/02 (Sun) 23:59 (PDT)


* The Coupon Codes above are only available for US West and US East regions.

* The 3★ Light and Dark Selection Ticket and the 5★ Monster Selection Ticket (Water, Fire, Wind) can be used through [Jules], the Pre-registration Keeper NPC in Casslan.

* You can use the 5★ Monster Selection Ticket (Water, Fire, Wind) to choose one of the following: 5★ Valkyrie (Fire), 5★ Sky Dancer (Wind), and 5★ Desert Queen (Water).

* You can obtain a Magic, Rare, or Hero Spell Book from the Brilliant Spell Book Box. The drop rate of each grade is the same.


[How to check and copy your CS code]

1. Tap the Settings button in the main menu.

2. Check the CS code in Settings - Account tab.

3. Copy the CS code through the [Copy] button.

4. Add the CS code by using [Paste] on the coupon page.


[How to Use Coupon]

▶ For AOS, PC Version, STEAM, Google Play Games on PC

1. Log in to the game → Menu → News (megaphone icon).

2. Press [Coupon Exchange] at the bottom of News.

3. Enter the coupon code to claim the reward.


▶ For iOS

1. Install Chronicles and log in. You can check your CS Code and copy it in Settings.

2. Go to the Coupon Exchange page. [Go Now]

3. Enter your CS Code and the coupon code and click the Use Coupon button.

4. Select the server you want to receive rewards on.


5. Log in to the game, and check your Inbox for rewards.


※ Note

  - When registering a coupon, the reward will be sent to the selected server.

  - If the reward is sent to a server without a created character, it can’t be claimed.

 - Only 1 coupon usage is available per account.

 - You can enter the coupon code in the game for AOS, PC version, STEAM, and Google Play Games on PC.

 - iOS devices require you to enter the coupon code through the coupon page.

 - Rewards will stay in your Inbox for 7 days, and expired or deleted items cannot be recovered.

 - The item delivery may be delayed depending on the network situation. If you don't see your reward in the Inbox, please restart the game and tap the Shop button.



Thank you.

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